Imagined and designed in collaboration with Grammy Award-winning classical sound engineer Tony Faulkner and manufactured at Røde Microphones’ facility in Sydney, the TF-5 is designed for capturing detailed and natural-sounding performances as a stereo pair, or for capturing the nuances of a soloist as a spot mic.

Røde Microphones TF-5The Røde TF-5 comes as a matched pair small-diaphragm condenser cardioid microphones, using a new capsule, precision-engineered to sub-micron tolerances. It claims an exceptionally low noise floor of 14dbA
‘The TF-5 is designed to be no-compromise,’ says Faulkner, ‘very, very low noise, very broad bandwidth, very clean. Something which can be modified if you choose, but if you leave it, it sounds natural and clean and musical.’

‘The new capsule is so beautifully engineered. I’ve been to the factory and seen how they make them – the precision of engineering is remarkable. These are special microphones, very high quality, and I’m proud to be a part of them. Take two of them out of the box, rig them with the stereo bar, and enjoy how natural they sound.’

‘The TF-5 is the best small diaphragm condenser in the world, plain and simple,’ says Røde founder and Chairman Peter Freedman. ‘The degree of obsession that went into the design and development of this mic has set a new benchmark for our craft of high-end microphones.

‘We are proud of what we have achieved alongside Tony Faulkner,’ he continues. ‘He is a true pioneer and innovator, and also a great friend of mine. Working on this microphone together has been a highlight of my career.’

The TF5 comes with a high-quality Røde bar for rigging as a stereo pair.


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