Manley Laboratories has announced a limited edition run of the classic Dual Mono Microphone Preamplifier, marking the company’s 30th anniversary.

Manley Labs Dual Mono Mic PreamplifierThough Manley’s current equipment lineup is designed with more modern, efficient manufacturing techniques in mind, the Dual Mono Mic Preamp comes from an era when products were painstakingly built in a old-school fashion. ‘Tremendous American labour-hours are required to hand-wire each Dual Mono Microphone preamplifier,’ says company President, EveAnna Manley. ‘But because we are in the audio business – always listening – we have decided to celebrate our 30 Years of Manley pro audio production with a run of these classic cornerstone products.’

The all-tube Dual Mono Microphone Preamplifier is primarily intended for use with modern condenser microphones, but now 40-60dBs of gain, enough for most ribbon mics, are selectable in 5dB steps by varying the amount of overall negative feedback on the Gain switch. This allows the change the slew rate (speed), placement and tonal balance of the sound to be determined from mellow through to faster, punchier and more aggressive.

Each channel’s 12AX7EH tube/valve is hand-selected for lowest noise, alongside a 6414 for its high-current output stage. Each unit is hand wired using silver solder and audiophile-grade componentry. Double shielded power transformers and high-capacity reservoir capacitors represent a modern power supply design approach.

The front panel quarter-inch direct input jack enables the preamplifiers to serve double duty as a pure tube line stage for instruments such as bass, drum machines, and keyboards. Total gain in this mode becomes 20dB less than indicated on the Gain switch. Both transformer coupled balanced and direct (via humongous metalized film MultiCaps) capacitor-coupled unbalanced outputs are provided, giving the choice of audiophile or big iron sounds.

The Limited Edition units are available through select Manley resellers worldwide, and carry an MSRP of US$3,300.


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