Handmade in the UK, the Roger Mayer 456 Mic Pre offers two or four no-compromise Golden Era microphone preamps with British electronics engineer’s proprietary 456HD analogue solid-state tape simulation on each channel.

Roger Mayer 456 Mic PreThe ultra-low noise class-A discrete preamps are based on a twin-gain-stage design, balanced using custom hand-wound ferrite transformers. The preamps deliver up to 65dB of gain and linear phase accuracy over a very wide bandwidth (>80kHz), resulting in exceptional transparency and a detailed three-dimensional image.

The gain and output volumes are controlled using 22-way stepped potentiometers allowing easy recallability. Four vu meters can be set to monitor the signal before or after the 456HD processor with user-modifiable jumpers. It comes calibrated to 0vu = +4dBu but can be adjusted to the user’s preferred operational standards with an easily accessible trim pot on the front panel.

Roger Mayer’s 456HD Analogue Tape Simulation process uses analogue circuitry to recreate the characteristics of Ampex 456 tape used with a Studer A80, without the inconvenience of maintaining an old tape machine. Beyond enhancing your tracking signal path, 456HD can also be used during mixing and mastering to add harmonics and analogue richness to digital audio recordings.

The four-channel version is Roger Mayer's flagship product, with the two-channel version also available to the same specifications.

Key features:

  • Golden Era Analogue Mic-Pre on each channel.
  • 456HD Analogue Tape Simulation on each channel.
  • Discrete ultra-low noise class-A design.
  • Bandwidth >80kHz.
  • Transformer balanced inputs and outputs using custom hand wound ferrite transformers.
  • 22-way stepped controls.
  • Phase reverse switch.
  • 48V phantom power supply.
  • Microphone Input Sensitivity: -75dBV to -10dBV.
  • Line Input: Nominal 4dBu balanced, impedance 10kΩ.
  • Line Output: Nominal +4dBu balanced, impedance 100Ω .
  • Output Level Noise (Line): -118dBu.
  • Headroom: Maximum line input level +35dBm (25dB internal).

The four-channel 456 Mic Pre model retails at £6,000 (inc VAT) and the
two-channel version at £3,960 (inc VAT). Both models are available in the UK from KMR Audio.

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