Easy Base SingleHK Audio has extended its Elements loudspeaker systems family with the release of four new mono Single Systems.

Easy Base Single, Smart Base Single, Line Base Single and Big Base Single are mono, single column versions of the existing Elements stereo set-ups. Using Elements features (line array technology for sound anywhere in a venue, low-profile and straightforwardness of use) they represent a new and attainable entry point to the range.

The Single Systems lightweight, diminutive in physical size and almost cable-free to operate, and can easily be expanded with additional subwoofers and/or mid/high units when extra power is needed. They are available on the new Elements pricing scheme, which, across the range, amounts to a reduction of up to 25 per cent.


· Easy Base Single comprises two E 435 mid/high units, an E 110 Sub A subwoofer and an EP 1 distance pole. At 600W, it is intended for one-man bands, presentations and speeches.

· Smart Base Single uses an E 835 mid/high unit, an E 110 Sub AS and an EP 1 distance pole. It is the most flexibly extendable of the Single Systems, and can be used for for everything from clubs to small open-air events.

· Line Base Single can function without a mounting pole bar because its column of two E 835 mid/high units delivers genuine long-throw performance for large rooms and open-air stages. · Big Base Single pairs the power and performance of a large PA with the audio and handling benefits of Elements. The 2.4kQW E 210 Sub AS subwoofer can drive up to three E 835 mid/high units and an added passive subwoofer.

More: www.hkaudio.com

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