Danley Sound Labs Exodus SystemDanley Sound Labs has incorporated its proprietary point-source Synergy Horn technology into a line array format to create the Exodus System, which combines line array-style rigging and offers a line array aesthetic while claiming better performance than conventional line arrays.

‘More and more sound professionals are recognising the serious shortcomings of conventional line array systems,’ says Danley President, Mike Hedden. ‘The between-box interference in a line array system is horrible and generates nasty comb filters that no amount of processing can ever fix. If I could snap my fingers and have the whole industry abandon line arrays and everything to do with them, I would, but the reality is that the industry now has a line array legacy – both perceptually and logistically – that sound professionals are often forced to work within often choosing fast rigging at the expense of accuracy and fidelity.

‘The Exodus System fits Danley’s Synergy Horn solution into the industry’s line array legacy. They rig quickly and sound phenomenal. Moreover, unlike line arrays, the Exodus System will allow coupled boxes with different coverage patterns, allowing users to separately optimise close-, mid- and far-throw beam widths.’

The Exodus range currently comprises the XD-96 (90° x 60°) far-throw loudspeaker, the XD-62 (60° x 20°) close-field extension, and the XD-118 subwoofer. Further models with other coverage patterns will follow.

‘The name, of course, derives from the second chapter of the Bible, in which the Israelites are set free after four-hundred years of bondage in Egypt,’ Hedden says. ‘It’s tongue-in-cheek – we want to convey the idea that the Exodus System offers freedom from line array bondage. I don’t even care so much that if people mistake it for a line array, as technically there really are no broadband line source products on the market and yet this term has taken on a completely new meaning.

More: www.danleysoundlabs.com

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