Void Acoustics Trinity X SubVoid Acoustics has launched the Trinity X wide bandwidth sub-bass enclosure for applications including large-scale live events, club venues and touring.

With power handling of 1.5kWRMS and a peak output of 139dB, the design uses a number of new technologies in a single-box solution and is intended to set a new standard for bass output and extension in the 400-litre class. ‘Our designer, Rog Mogale, has been working on our high-output Trinity Line Array series due for launch later this year,’ Void Director Alex Skan explains. ‘The Trinity X came about as part of this ongoing development, and has turned out to be a perfect complement to our signature triple-horn Air Motions. Trinity X uses a number of new technologies to great effect – it is designed with horn loading to give the system a quick transient response combined with high efficiency. Resonant chamber technology has allowed us to take the extension down to 30Hz, with the Trinity X using a total of five resonant chambers. Two of these connect its dual horn paths, with the three others transmitting via a series of tuned ducts.

‘The resonant chambers and horn’s outputs are combined in phase at the wave integrator, which also makes use of horn-loading to maximise long-distance projection and overall efficiency. Finally, we have used Heat Transference Technology (HTT) to decrease power compression dramatically and improve long-term reliability, involving a single rear-located heat sink to transfer heat from the voice coils and magnet assemblies. The reaction has been amazing – we can’t ship them out fast enough.’

Void reports that it has already shipped the Trinity X system out to a number of high-profile installations, including the new AIR club in Amsterdam, and Shock39 in Bangkok, due to open in July.

More: www.voidaudio.com

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