The EAW VF Series of passive loudspeakers comprises five models of VFR Two-Way Full-Range Loudspeakers; two VFS Subwoofers; and three VSM Stage Monitors.

The VF Series can be considered an update to EAW’s VR and FR Series with enhanced transducer technology and performance. The boxes’ consistent sizing enables configuration possibilities spanning the VFR and VFS Series, including clusters and arrays, matching speaker/subwoofer pairs or standalone units.

VFR Series

The VFR159 15-inch, VFR129 12-inch, VFR109 10-inch, VFR89 8-inch, and VFR69 6-inch two-way loudspeakers, all operating in passive mode.

Traditional portable features such as handles, a pole cup and dual NL4 inputs are incorporated in the body of the loudspeaker. Portable use is enhanced by the heavy-duty enclosure construction and foam-backed steel grilles. HF and LF transducers used in the VFR series were born from those used in EAW’s portable products. VFR loudspeakers also hide standard installation features such as large square rotatable horns, barrier strip inputs, the ability to add a transformer for constant voltage systems, integrated OmniMount mounting points and dedicated U-brackets and yokes for each product. The VFR159 and VFR129 ship with a 90° by 60° horn that can be field replaced with a 60° by 40°gree horn.

VFS Series Subwoofers

The companion subs to the VF family, the VFS Series has been designed to integrate seamlessly with the full range of VFR products in every way in an array or as a standalone sub.

The VFS220 (double 12-inch) and VFS250 (double15-inch) models combine features for both portable and permanent installeds. The size and shape of the subs have been matched to the dimensions of VFR products, maintaining a low profile for use in installations. VFS units offer pole mount cups for use as pole bases for portable systems while maintaining appropriate rigging options for permanent installations. When used with an optional Flybar, two full range VFR loudspeakers can be mounted, one to either side of a VFS sub using preconfigured and optimized splay angles. An optional flybar provides single or double pick points for a total array package. An additional optional stinger provides selectable tilt to an array from a single pick point.

VSM Series Stage Monitors

The VSM Series comprises three models of two-way horn-loaded stage monitors – VSM159 15-inch; VSM129 12-inch; and VSM109 10-inch two-way stage monitors – and complements both VFR loudspeakers and VFS subs.

Powerful 10-, 12- or 15-inch low-frequency transducers provide LF presence packaged with smooth highs from large horns, giving VSM monitors the ability to provide power and clarity in a small package. Tight pattern control is provided by large square horns born from installation products, also allowing pattern rotation. Handles are built into the construction of the loudspeaker enclosure, providing a clean look when installed and an easy carry when portable. Connector panels are located on either side of the monitor, making loop-through cabling easy and tidy. Each VSM unit includes a pole mount cup allowing for the loudspeaker to be used as a portable full range system while its compact shape maintains a low profile when used as a monitor.

‘For any criteria you can think of – ease of set-up, great sound, versatility in configuration and application, design and style – the VF Series far surpasses anything else offered at this level,’ says Adam Howarth, EAW Product Manager.

EAW’s VFR Loudspeakers, VFS Subwoofers and VSM Stage Monitors are available in black or white finish.


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