PreSonus CDL12PThe PreSonus CDL12P full-range, constant-directivity, active loudspeaker claims ‘the best attributes of point source and line array technology’ to provide flexibility in modern sound-reinforcement. Its proprietary constant-directivity design enables it to radiate a highly focused pattern with consistent SPL throughout the frequency- range, both on- and off-axis.

The CDL12P is portable and can be used alone, in tandem with a subwoofer, or in an array for touring bands and mobile DJs, as well as fixed installs in small and midsize venues that don’t need a networkable loudspeaker. The original Dante-enabled CDL12 is recommended for venues that require a networkable constant-directivity loudspeaker.

Each CDL12P is loaded with eight 2-inch drivers aligned in a segmented circular-arc high-frequency array centred in front of a 12-inch woofer. The outputs of the low-frequency driver and the high-frequency array travel on the same acoustic axis, as with a coaxial studio monitor. A low crossover frequency of 420Hz minimises comb filtering. Regardless of how many CDL12Ps are stacked (up to six total), they deliver focused sound with consistent SPL coverage both on- and off-axis. Each CDL12P delivers 120° horizontal by 15° vertical dispersion, so six enclosures rigged together form a 120° x 90° coverage pattern.

The CDL12P’s integrated 500x500W class-D power amplifier has onboard DSP presets to facilitate and simplify arrayed configurations. The DSP offers a high-pass filter; a limiter; tuning for use with PreSonus CDL18s, AIR18s, and ULT18 subwoofers; and controls for the number of enclosures used.

A dual-angle pole mount allows the use of one or two enclosures when pole-mounted on a tripod stand, or atop the companion CDL18s, ULT18,or Air18s subwoofer, allowing the system to adapt to varying audience sizes. Heavy-duty aluminium rigging with integrated pin-loaded hardware rated for a 10:1 load ensures a safe solution for flown installations.

The CDL12P is shipping now for US$999.95.


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