Lined up for official launch at InfoComm, Martin Audio’s MLA Multi-cellular Loudspeaker Array claims ‘a breakthrough cellular array design’ able to provide coverage and consistency not presently achievable with a line array.

The multi-cellular format has six individual cells in each enclosure, each with its own DSP and powering capability. Each 24-enclosure array has 144 cells – too many to optimise manually or by ear – and uses Martin Audio’s Display 2.0 system design software to calculate FIR DSP filters for each cell and a redundant-ring audio network (U-Net) downloads the settings into each array enclosure. Martin’s VU-Net software provides real-time control and monitoring of the system.

MLA claims an even frequency response and SPL over audience areas; a high system output (140dB peak, per cabinet @1m); automatic optimisation of array, both physically (splay angles) and electronically (DSP); computer control and monitoring of the entire system, and total control of sound system balance for engineers and sound technicians. MLA’s compact size and high output also allow it to be shipped using less space, offering savings and reducing its carbon footprint.

The system includes an MLX powered, flyable subwoofer capable of peak output of 150dB @ 1m, an MLD down fill cabinet and Merlin 4-input/10-output system controller and network hub. Audio input is via analog, AES3 or U-Net.

‘Our primary aim with MLA was to take the guesswork out of daily system design and enable the engineer’s mix to be delivered throughout an audience with a degree of precision, consistency and repeatability not possible with traditional line arrays,’ says Martin Audio R&D Director Jason Baird. ‘Based on the amazingly consistent results we experienced right from ‘switch on’ during the system’s recent German tour, we are even more convinced that MLA is a game-changing product.’


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