PK Sound has released Trinity 10, claiming it to be ‘the first mid-size, three-dimensionally controlled sound system of its kind’.

PK Sound Trinity 10Using the same high= and mid=frequency components and waveguide design, Trinity 10 has identical voicing to the full-size Trinity for seamless integration when both models are used together. Trinity 10 is configured remotely, providing control over the vertical and horizontal polar directivity of the entire array, and is powered by a 3kW class-D amplifier for high headroom and clear output.

Each Trinity 10 module features a Coherent Midrange Integrator (CMI) to combine mid/high-range frequencies, as well as precisely spaced low frequency apertures for smooth and controlled directivity. The CMI waveguide is variably adjustable from 50-20°, both symmetrically and asymmetrically, giving engineers the ability to focus the soundfield and increasing the loudspeakers’ long-throw capabilities by increasing its sensitivity.

Trinity 10 is loaded with dual band-pass loaded, 10-inch transducers to provide greater accuracy and output than traditional front-loaded designs, plus two 6.5-inch midrange transducers coupled to a CMI waveguide through phase plugs designed to increase sensitivity and ensure seamless integration with high frequencies. Trinity 10 also features a dual driver high-frequency compression device coupled directly to an integrated planar waveguide, dramatically reducing the overall length and internal diffraction and significantly reducing distortion across the entire high frequency band.

PK Sound’s Kontrol software offers control of the internal functions of each module remotely including safety and DSP, so that each array can be flown straight and adjusted in the air. PK Sound’s Kontrol Auto-Array feature communicates with each module and automatically arranges modules into the proper position in each array, removing the need for time-consuming manual arrangement.

Trinity 10 also uses Auto-Align, a unique rigging system that is remotely adjustable from 0-12° in 0.1° increments. Auto-Align removes the need for cumbersome rigging links, significantly reducing setup time and increasing safety. To further reduce setup time, the Trinity 10 system stacks efficiently on carts four or six high with a fly bar that remains attached during transport.

In addition to vertical directivity, Trinity 10 provides 25 horizontal directivity options that can be arranged in any order in the array and fine-tuned on the fly, giving users the flexibility to change the directivity of the system to suit any number of audience configurations in a multitude of different venues.

‘Trinity 10 is the next evolution in robotic line array technology and provides unparalleled soundfield control in a mid-size solution,’ says PK Sound President/CEO, Jeremy Bridge. ‘By giving users the ability to sculpt the sound field in all three dimensions, precision and accuracy previously unobtainable can now be achieved. This vastly increases both traditional and creative applications for both artists and engineers.

‘Trinity 10’s patented technology provides engineers with a new set of soundfield control tools to overcome the challenges they face on a daily basis without compromising acoustic integrity,’ he adds. ‘Trinity 10 combined with Kontrol loudspeaker management software lets engineers instantly adjust every aspect of the sound field remotely without the need for drastic DSP.’

Each Trinity 10 module also includes local control functions, giving users access to key loudspeaker functionality and providing additional setup flexibility. Trinity 10 modules also feature a weatherproof amplifier plate and interconnects to ensure consistent performance in demanding outdoor conditions.


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