The Alcons VR5 is a two-way mini versatile loudspeaker, specifically designed for close-field applications where sound needs to be projected with wide horizontal and vertical coverage. The system offers the performance of Alcons’ larger systems in a small and unobtrusive package, for both portable and permanent applications.

Alcons Audio VR5The VR5 consists of the RBN202 pro-ribbon driver for HF and a dedicated-designed 5-inch mid-bass for extremely low-distortion LF reproduction. The VR5 HF section has an 400W peak power input, enabling a 1:16 dynamic range with up to 90 per cent lower distortion from 1kHz to beyond 20kHz.

The (90°) horizontal and patent-pending (60°) vertical dispersion of the revolvable waveguide, offers a wide and consistent coverage up to the highest frequencies. Due to the ‘compression-less’ principle of the pro-ribbon transducer technology, the system has a fully linear response at any SPL. For full system performance, the VR5 needs to be driven by an ALC amplified loudspeaker controller, delivering maximum sound quality with increased headroom and utmost operation reliability and flexibility.

The Signal Integrity Sensing pre-wiring ensures dynamic cable/connector compensation between the VR5 and ALC, significantly increasing response accuracy, regardless of cable length and system impedance, with a tight and accurate mid and bass response as result.

The combination of the asymmetric multi-angle enclosure, the revolvable waveguide and the ACO colour option provides for inconspicuous low profile stage-, stand-, wall- or ceiling positioning. The 5 M10 mounting points enable swivel bracket, shoulder eyebolt and mic stand deployment.

Typical (short to medium throw) applications for the VR5 range from reference monitor, low-profile stage-lip/front fill, stage monitor, under-balcony system up to a close-field main PA system, in combination with a separate subwoofer, if required. 

‘Following the recently introduced CRMSC-SRHV surround for cinema, the VR5 is the first pro audio system that incorporates our patent-pending vertical-control waveguide technology,’ says Alcons R&D head, ‘Dr Phil’ De Haan. ‘In further extending our line-up in point-source solutions, this has been a major breakthrough to enable any dispersion pattern from our pro-ribbon mid/high frequency drivers. We plan to implement this in coming products.’

‘Although the VR5 concept, as our smallest pro-ribbon system ever, was already previewed at this year’s ISE and as product introduced at the ProLight & Sound, we still had thoughts about taking the next step in the low frequency transducer, adds Alcons MD, Tom Back. ‘As we’ve been doing with most systems, as recently the 8-inch of the LR18 line-array, we consistently co-develop and implement the most-advanced technology on the cone-drivers, to have the best match with the pro-ribbons.

‘So, we decided at the show to investigate implementing a new active coil technology on the 5-inch; A technology we’ve been using on a number of design-studies for some time now. The beta-testing of the samples proved our ideas right, leading us to re-design the VR5 with this new technology.

‘We can truly say, that the VR5, with the combination of the 5-inch with significantly further reduced distortion on the LF and the RBN202 pro-ribbon on the 90°x60° waveguide is setting new standards for ultra-low distortion, superb-imaging close-field sound reproduction.’


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