Renkus-Heinz has unveiled the next generation of its high-powered IC-Live steerable arrays – IC-Live X.

Renkus-Heinz IC-Live X

With greater power density, higher output, simple integrated hardware and a unique coaxial driver arrangement, the IC-Live X promises ‘a new level of flexibility’ for integrators, contractors, and production/rental houses. IC-Live X introduces the Acoustic Source Multiplier (ASM) waveguide, which allows the high-frequency section to be coaxially mounted and reduces apparent source spacing by an additional 50 per cent, pushing out the onset of gradient lobes an additional octave into the highest frequencies. The coaxial driver arrangement, low apparent source spacing, and high driver count allow for free movement of the apparent acoustic centre along the length of the array.

The IC Live X series includes two freely combinable steerable modules – the ICL-X and ICL-XL. The ICL-X is a compact, high output steerable array module comprising six one-inch compression drivers on an ASM Waveguide, coaxially mounted on two eight-inch woofers, with eight high-power amplifier/DSP channels. The ICL-X is steerable down to 1.5kHz and can be deployed as a high-output digitally steerable line array up to 12 boxes tall, delivering consistent coverage and clarity for even the biggest shows. It also can be used standalone as small mains loudspeakers or for portable, centre channel, or fill applications. The ICL-XL is an extended ICL-X module with four one-inch compression drivers and four eight-inch woofers and is steerable down to 750Hz. ICL-XL freely arrays with ICL-X modules, and adding an ICL-XL above, below, or both above and below an array of ICL-Xs enables superior LF control at lower system cost.

The IC-Live X series includes the ICL-XS and ICL-118S subwoofers. With four 8-inch drivers, the ICL-XS is the first dedicated column subwoofer for the IC-Live family. It is intended to be integrated below arrays of ICL-X and ICL-XL, allowing integrators and contractors to seamlessly blend mains and subwoofers into one discrete array that offers full-range performance, consistent coverage, and minimal aesthetic intrusion. The ICL-X-118S is a compact, high-output subwoofer designed for large-scale events or venues with high LF SPL/extension requirements. It offers a single, high-excursion 18-inch woofer in an optimised bass reflex cabinet, powered by a Renkus-Heinz SA-2000 amplifier.


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