Alcons Audio QR24/110The Alcons Audio QR24/110 is a modular two-way column loudspeaker designed for use as scalable vertical array system in permanent and portable applications.

The QR24/110 combines a 1:1 linear and dynamic sound reproduction with high intelligibility and throw, using a symmetrical acoustic design, in combination with the 110° horizontal dispersion of the RBN High Frequency drivers (to 20kHz). By using two 12-inch RBN pro-ribbon transducers for the mid-high frequencies, the system’s 90% active frontal radiation is a sharply controlled in the vertical plane. This offers SPL-independent intelligibility-over-distance, without using DSP-based beam shaping.

The flat frequency response and the fast transient response of the RBN mid-high frequency transducers, in combination with the controlled dispersion, brings a maximum gain-before-feedback up to directly in front of/under the system. Each RBN1203 12-inch pro-ribbon driver has a peak power handling of 2kW (200msec), creating a virtually infinite system MHF headroom of 4kW from 1kHz up.

The low-mids are taken care of by four high-excursion, vented 6.5-inch transducers, which are co-axially mounted behind the pro-ribbon drivers, delivering a frequency response of 74Hz–20kHz (-3dB).

The controlled (cylindrical) projection can be extended down to the lower frequencies by enlarging the array length through adding extra QR/QM modules (extending the close field). Up to two QR24 units can be combined on a single tripod stand, forming a 1,32m/52-inch tall array; in flown configuration, up to 11 cabinets QR24 can be connected, with the integrated flying hardware under a safety-rating of 10:1, forming arrays of more than 7m/24ft. Passive filtering allows multiple modules to be combined on one amplifier channel, up to three units.

The QR24/110 is powered and controlled by the ALC amplified loudspeaker controller; Through the integrated processing and feedback, the ALC offers QR24-specific drive processing with optimal response and reliability and utmost user-friendliness.

The Signal Integrity Sensing pre-wiring dynamically compensates for speaker cable/connector influences between the QR24 and ALC; this offers a 1:1, undistorted, natural sound reproduction, regardless of cable length and amplifier impedance load (system damping factor 10.000). Certified Ease data for the QR24’s with a 1° resolution accuracy is available on the Alcons website.

The QR24 is also available as QR24/80, with 80° horizontal dispersion and can be combined with the QR24/110 in the same array.


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