Beyma has introduced new loudspeaker drivers with new technologies for line array and bass reinforcement.

TPL200SThe MC500 family comprises three woofers – the 10-inch 10MC500, 12-inch 12MC500 and 15-inch 15MC500 – all using a 2.5-inch voice coil with ceramic magnet. Beyma’s proprietary Maltcross cooling system enables the speakers to handle up to 1kW programme power, and reduces losses due to power compression effects. The application target is low and mid/low frequency programme and so all models feature large displacement (8mm Xmax) and are sensitive and linear across a wide band (above 97dB 1W/1m).Beyma’s recommends them for use as low frequency way or mid-bass drivers in active systems and line arrays.

X-Bow technology is designed to increase the total SPL of Beyma’s pleated diaphragm tweeters, giving the model TPL-200 increased sensitivity and greater power handling capacity. Three options will be available, two with anodised aluminium front plate (black or metal finish, TPL-200B and TPL-200S) with wider horizontal coverage and one with constant directivity horn (TPL-200H) for a more controlled dispersion.

New subwoofers include an upgraded version of the 18P1000Fe model, the 18P1000FeV2, which features improved power handling (1.2kW AES), and a redesigned magnetic assembly and convection circuit for enhanced efficiency and extremely low air noise. The 18PWB1000Fe is an 18-inch subwoofer using a 4-inch voice coil with ferrite magnet. This model handles up to 2kW programme, has long excursion capabilities (12.5mm Xmax and 55mm peak-to-peak for mechanical displacement) and a low resonant point.

Extending its coaxial driver range, Beyma has released the10CX300Fe 10-inch driver, designed for full-range applications (50-2kHz) with extended low frequency response and accurate high frequencies. Intended for high-performance bass reflex cabinets, it is based on a common ferrite magnet design reducing the depth and weight of the unit but keeping high-grade performance in the whole band as well as controlled and linear excursions in the lows.


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