Beyma has announced its NMF Series of loudspeaker drivers, claiming ‘extreme linearity and negligible distortion that excels in small and medium range listening distances’.

The NMF Series compries three woofers and two tweeters – the 6-inch 6NMFW, 8-inch 8NMFW, and 10-inch 10NMFS woofers, and the Silk dome T25S and reinforced metal dome T25M tweeters.

The woofers use carbon-fibre cones with high rigidity for pistonic behaviour, the proprietary Quattro voice coil for a high force factor to better control the moving mass, cast aluminium frames, electro-coated metal parts to protect against humidity and age, Bimax spiders and high resistance NBR surrounds for high linear and stable behaviour.

Beyma 10NMFS wooferThe use of the latest simulation software delivers extremely linear behaviour in the long excursion of the woofers optimising the motor structure. The magnetic circuit gives the Quattro voice coil a more controlled excursion within the linear range, extending the dynamic range. The suspension system employs geometry and materials tailored for high damping and excursion control, avoiding common nonlinearities and unwanted resonances on basic soft suspension types.

Careful geometric design of the membrane and dust cap has been devised in order to obtain the most linear response possible, taking special care of the off axis response, for a controlled acoustic dispersion up to the crossover region.

Maltcross technology is at the core of the low-frequency drivers, a smart feature that provides a demodulating ring effect balancing the inductance versus excursion and allows a superlative cooling circuit where the air flows inside the airgap towards the voice coil in turbulent mode. Reduction in temperature and demodulation provide less power compression, higher SPL and less distortion at low frequencies.

Exclusive die cast aluminium LEX design frames with advanced Finite Element Method software offer a differential visual imprint in the drivers as well as mechanical properties, and an efficient work in the heat dissipation, thanks to the special air circuit specially designed to interchange the air between the air gap area and the outside.

The NMF Series tweeters design allows them to be mechanically coupled to the cabinet. A stiff aluminium die-cast back chamber is directly braced to the cast aluminium front plate, holding together the entire assembly firmly.

The magnet system uses the latest FEA software, with a T-shaped pole piece covered with a copper cap for extremely symmetric force factor figures. The copper reduces harmonic distortion figures to a minimum and keeps the inductance down. A vented pole piece, flared on the top helps to get the steel saturated, while avoiding resonances together with damping material. Back radiation gets absorbed with three different carefully-selected damping materials behind the dome.

Beyma T25S tweeterOptimised for premium off-axis response, the waveguide helps system designers to achieve a good spinorama chart.

The T25M is a carefully designed aluminum-magnesium alloy reinforced dome for enhancing linearity in frequency response. The membrane moves as a piston much above the audible range pushing the break-up close to 38kHz, reducing listening fatigue and ensuring crystal clear sound and brilliant performance in the traditional working range.

Its wide surround allows larger excursion and it is made out of a specific formulation polymer film. The shape has been refined with finite element analysis software to ensure compliance symmetry exceeding the working range of a regular tweeter. while giving outstanding on and off-axis figures.

The T25S is a lightweight pre-coated silk membrane resulting in a high sensitivity tweeter claiming an excellent linearity in frequency response. Together with the copper-clad aluminium wire voice coil ends up being quite lightweight moving mass design reaching close to 92dB along the working frequency range. 


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