Intended for use with video cameras, Sennheiser AVX wireless microphone systems include a compact receiver that plugs directly into the XLR of a camera, where it automatically pairs with the microphone and switches on with phantom power when the camera does.

Sennheiser AVX wireless mic systemsThe system automatically adjusts the correct audio levels and transmits using a protected link in the licence-free 1.9GHz range. Setting up and recording high-quality audio for video has never been faster or more convenient. If a source of interference appears, AVX will inaudibly shift to a new frequency.

AVX is equipped with adaptive transmitting power, meaning that the system uses the power that is required to maintain a reliable connection between the microphone and the camera receiver. This not only ensures a stable link, it also reduces battery power consumption – as does the automatic on/off function.

The AVX receiver and transmitter are powered by special lithium-ion batteries, which can be recharged via a USB port. The transmitters display the amount of battery life remaining. For DSLRs with a jack audio input, the AVX systems include an XLR-3/mini-jack adapter cable and the mounting accessories needed to attach the receiver to the camera hot shoe.

AVX is available in three different sets: with a handheld transmitter (evolution microphone head), with a bodypack transmitter and ME 2 clip-on microphone and in a special professional version with a bodypack transmitter and an MKE 2 clip-on microphone, the benchmark product for film and TV productions. For the US, a combo pack includes both a bodypack and a handheld. The microphone head is an MMD 42, the capsule of Sennheiser’s MD 42 reporter’s microphone.

All system components plus additional items, such as a handheld transmitter with on/off switch, are available separately to allow assembly of tailor-made AVX systems.


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