The Aeta 4MinX allows location mixing and recording of 5.1 or 7.1 audio. Users can record up to eight tracks with monophonic, stereophonic or multchannel flexibility on each track.

The 4MinX features four mic/line inputs, two stereo line inputs and two AES3/AES42 inputs, along with two stereo line outputs, two auxiliary outputs, and three AES3 outputs. The DSP-based mixer supports four channels and stereo mixdown, and the unit provides flexible routing through any combination of analogue, digital and 100Base-T outputs. 4MinX’s also has integrated monitoring for SoundField microphone systems.

Aeta Audio Systems 4MinXThe unit has a bright 3-inch color TFT screen showing status and level displays. Instant control is provided by rotary encoders, and the it can be customised for speedy operation in a range of scenarios through the programmable function keys. The elastomer keypad is weatherproof and silent in use, and the unit’s 2.2kg total weight, with both the battery pack and charger integrated into the 4MinX chassis, makes it highly portable.

4MinX allows users to work on location for more than six hours before its standard batteries need recharging. It records to an SDHC memory card of up to 64GB, providing more than 50 hours of stereo recording. It can also be accessed by USB stick. If the system is used only as a mixer, then any source, digital or analog, can be addressed to any output.

‘The 4MinX is like an audio Swiss Army knife, with an unprecedented combination of mixing and recording features,’ says Christophe Mahoux, Aeta Audio Systems GM. ‘Instead of carrying a separate recorder and mixer, journalists, documentary makers, radio and film production crews can now travel lighter and operate with much more flexibility. It’s also a very cost-effective and scalable option, replacing a separate mixer and recorder in a single unit, and offering a range of versions with software-upgradeable features when requirements increase. The 4MinX is the portable dream team for indoor and outdoor. The product offers a digital multichannel mixer and multitrack recorder in one unit.’

The 4MinX is available in variants with mixer functionality only, or with mixer plus 2-track, 4-track, 6-track or 8-track recording, and accessories include a weatherproof carry bag, extra DV battery packs, adapter cables, a compact alphanumeric keyboard and an AC adapter/charger.


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