CEntrance has launched PortCaster, a handheld live-streaming and recording tool intended to fill an important gap for podcasters and radio programme hosts who need to add music, effects, and either a local or a remote call-in guest to talk radio-style shows.

CEntrance PortCasterBased on the company’s MixerFace mobile recording interface, PortCaster is designed for recording or live-streaming a broadcast to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and similar platforms. PortCaster works with most smartphones and tablets running Android and Apple iOS, as well as MacOS and Windows-based computers.

The original MixerFace featured a rechargeable battery and turned any smartphone into a portable live-streaming device with 24-bit, 192kHz audio quality. As users began using it for talk shows, requests came in to accomodate a live caller. With PortCaster, CEntrance has added this ability, complete with the Mix-Minus feature used by radio stations to prevent audio feedback for the caller. Remote guests can be on a cell phone or VoIP.

All PortCaster models record high-quality remote interview using any cell phone or tablet onto the unit’s SD-card. The 48kHz, 24-bit stereo SD-card recorder (optional) offers One-Button Record and captures the programme locally while simultaneously streaming online. An internal, rechargeable battery (optional) charges from any USB jack. Two boutique mic preamps allow connecting two mics, or one mic plus a remote guest via phone.

The updated Jasmine mic preamps feature 48V Phantom and 65dB of gain for use with any microphone, including the Shure SM7B. To control recording levels, PortCaster offers soft-knee, analogue, optical limiters for both Host and Guest. The stereo Aux 3/4 input allows addition of background music or sound effects from another device, adding interest and raising the show’s production values.

A unique feature of PortCaster is a Mono Blend control, which simplifies streaming to mono platforms such as Instagram. PortCaster uses tactile analogue controls, are laid out logically and can be accessed without looking, which is important for a busy host who is running the show and managing the guest at the same time. To survive the stress of a live show the PortCaster is made of aluminium and purposely avoids use of screens or long menus.

‘We have a PortCaster version for every budget, from beginners to professional broadcasters,’ said Michael Goodman, CEntrance CEO. ‘The entire model range is designed to dramatically improve the audio quality of remote broadcasts, especially for journalists, TV, and media personalities working remotely.’

PortCaster will be available for preorder in three models, starting at US$199.99.

More: https://centrance.com/portcaster 

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