Studio Technologies extended its use of Dante with three new announcer’s consoles, the Model 205, Model 206 and Model 208, offering combinations analogue and digital audio resources to create on-air talent hubs that deliver audio in both Dante audio-over Ethernet and traditional analogue audio environments.

Studio Technologies Model 205/206/208 announcer’s consolesThe units’ audio resources and small size enable the creation of on-air positions where space is at a premium, suiting them to sports and entertainment TV, and radio events as well as streaming broadcasts. The Model 205 and Model 206 are specifically designed for tabletop use, presenting a very small footprint for applications such as court-side commentator locations. The Model 208 is optimised to allow easy mounting to the top- or bottom-surface of a broadcast set or talent location. Its form-factor also lends itself for use in a range of custom mounting scenarios.

‘The design focus for these units was their physical size, needing to be extremely compact for broadcast applications, such as live sports, where physical space for personnel is limited,’ says Studio Technologies President, Gordon Kapes. ‘But, of course, they still had to provide strong technical performance and a solid user experience. I feel we met our goals with the Models 205, 206, and 208, which in addition to their small size, are extremely simple to deploy and offer lots of configuration choices by way of our STcontroller software application. Using Dante was the natural choice for maintaining audio quality, providing signal routing flexibility, and supporting interconnection efficiency.’


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