Aviom AN-16/i v.2 Input ModuleAviom has released the AN-16/i v.2 Input Module to support its A360 Personal Mixer.

Based on an enhanced version of Aviom’s Pro16 A-Net protocol, Pro16e, the technology behind the A360 Personal Mixer allows multiple 16-channel banks of monitoring content to be delivered over a single Cat5 cable. The AN-16/i v.2 includes an A-Net Input jack for connecting up to three additional input modules. Its analogue inputs are merged with this incoming A-Net stream to create the expanded Pro16e digital audio stream used by the A360.

The new mixer is claimed to ‘bring new levels of control and customisation to the personal monitoring experience’ offers the ability to choose which channels are mixed on each unit in the system. Each A360 may use the default channels, or audio channels can be selected and organised individually for each personal mixer, drawing from a network pool of up to 64 channels.

‘One of the most frequent requests from users is more channels in the personal mixing system,’ says Aviom Director of Marketing, Chandler Collison. ‘The new version of the input module gets more channels into the system for the A360 and is a simple and cost-effective way for existing Aviom users to expand and upgrade their systems.’

The AN-16/i v.2 features eight four-position input level/gain sensitivity switches, stereo channel link switches for every channel pair, and per-channel signal present and clip LEDs on the front panel. On the rear panel, the unit has 16 analog audio inputs with balanced quarter-inch TRS jacks. The audio Thru jack for each input allows the AN-16/i v.2 to be inserted seamlessly into an existing audio signal path. Also on the rear panel are one A-Net In jack and one A-Net Out jack, along with a slide switch for assigning the channel bank. The AN-16/i v.2 can be used with any line-level analog audio signal such as console direct outs, inserts, or aux sends.

The module works with Aviom’s A360 as well as the current A-16II Personal Mixers, and the two can be combined in the same system. In addition, the AN-16/i v.2 can be used as part of a Pro16 digital snake or audio distribution system. These systems support a range of flexible configurations, including 16x0, 32x0,48x0, 64x0, 16x16, 32x16, 32x32, and 48x16, with an unlimited number of digital splits and no loss in audio quality.

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