RF Venue has developed 4/8-channel wireless In-Ear Monitor Upgrade Packs that bundle a professional-grade helical antenna and an IEM signal combiner with everything needed to interconnect, power and manage multichannel wireless IEM systems.

RF Venue 8 Channel In-Ear Monitor Upgrade Pack‘Combining wireless IEM transmitters to feed a single antenna is critical to multi-channel systems in order to minimise intermodulation artifacts arising from multiple adjacent transmitters interfering with one another,’ says RF Venue President, Chris Regan. ‘Optimally positioning a highly efficient external antenna improves performance another order of magnitude. Our new In-Ear Monitor Upgrade Packs conveniently gather all the elements necessary to eliminate dropouts in your wireless IEM system.’

The RF Venue CP Beam Antenna, included in both the 4-channel and 8-channel packs, is a lightweight, circularly polarised beam antenna designed to ensure a consistent signal with IEMs, regardless of bodypack receiver orientation. Unlike other bulky helical antennas that require flight cases, the CP Beam Antenna’s folding design makes for quick deployment and rapid, efficient stowage.

The 4 Channel In-Ear Monitor Upgrade Pack for wireless IEM systems includes the Combine4 active IEM transmitter, which can manage up to four in-ear monitor transmitter signals, while the 8 Channel In-Ear Monitor Upgrade Pack includes the Combine8 for combining up to eight transmitters.

The Combine4 and Combine8 bring together multiple in-ear monitor transmitter signals into a single rear panel mounted antenna connector. Coupled with a CP Beam Antenna mounted outside the rack for better line-of-sight and improved wireless performance, the Upgrade Pack systems prevent interference between multiple adjacent wireless transmitters and antennas. Combine4 and Combine8 may be used with any brand in-ear monitor transmitter operating between 470-608MHz and set to an output power of 50mW or less.

Both Combine4 and Combine8 provide DC power to transmitters for a cleaner installation in the rack by removing the need for wall wart power supplies. The Upgrade Packs also include all the premium low-loss, double-shielded RG8X25 coaxial cable needed for system interconnection.

The RF Venue 4 Channel In-Ear Monitor Upgrade Pack has an MAP of US$1,599 and the 8 Channel In-Ear Monitor Upgrade Pack an MAP of US$2,499.

More: www.rfvenue.com/iem-upgrade-packs

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