DiGiCo has announced the DMI-Klang, an immersive in-ear mixing expansion that can be mounted directly into DiGiCo consoles, equipped with DMI slots.

DiGiCo DMI-KlangWith applications range from personal mixing for touring monitor engineers to spatial mixing for recording studio sessions, Klang’s immersive in-ear mixing systems make spatial and transparent in-ear monitoring possible. Lower listening levels (up to 6dB less on average) eliminate the feeling of isolation associated with a normal in-ear stereo mix and offer less fatigue.

The DMI-Klang follows the Klang:fabrik. ‘This is the first hardware product since Klang and DiGiCo joined forces,’ says DiGiCo General Manager, Austin Freshwater ‘We took Klang:fabrik’s immersive in-ear mixing core and rebuilt it with today’s latest FPGA technology. With one device, we can now deliver immersive mixes of 64 inputs for 16 musicians. This is the highest input count of any Klang product to date. And the best thing is, we were able to bring the processing latency down to 0.25ms.’

The DMI-Klang connects directly to DiGiCo consoles’ internal audio stream without any additional hardware I/O or overhead. This makes it possible to route any audio channel from the console to the DMI-Klang and return the immersive mix to the Aux merge input. Via the DiGiCo Klang console link, monitor engineers can stay in their usual mixing workflow, use snapshots, faders and knobs, but with all the benefits of immersive in-ear mixing. This makes it the perfect companion for any monitor engineer who needs to deliver the ultimate 3D mix for their artist.

‘The DMI-Klang is just the beginning of a new line of products,’ says Klang co-founder, Pascal Dietrich. ‘Together with the DiGiCo OrangeBox and the many I/O expansion cards available today, we can now interface with almost any professional digital mixing console.’

Available DMI cards offer Madi (TP, BNC), Optocore, Dante and many other digital formats. Additionally, by using the Klang:app, personal mixing can be done on any tablet, smartphone or PC/Mac.

More: www.digico.biz

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