MaxiSplitAllowing a single audio signal to be directed to more than one destination (and usually at differing levels) in modern multi-zone installations, ARX has introduced the MaxiSplit 2:4, 1:8 Line Distribution Splitter ensures a

The unit has two independent channels of 1:4 splitters, switchable to a single channel 1:8 splitter by a rear panel channel link switch – mode status is shown by front panel LED indicators.

Each channel features Male and Female electronically balanced XLR inputs, with passive RF filtering to prevent RF breakthrough. Each output features an electronically balanced Male XLR output with individual output gain control on the front panel, providing up to +6dB of gain.

Offering alow noise floor and good frequency response, the split signal is also buffered and balanced by the unit.

With the risk of low headroom, vastly differing input levels, uneven output levels and RF breakthrough, accurately mixing line level audio signals in contract installations is the goal of ARX’s MaxiMix 4:2, 8:1 Line Mixer

With two independent mixdown groups, each consisting of four line inputs with individual level controls and RF filters, the unit allows both groups to be linked for a mono eight-channel mix. Each input has up to +6dB of gain available, and full attenuation to allow matching of any line level signals.

In stereo mode, each of the four electronically balanced inputs combine into fully balanced master outputs, each of which has two male XLR sockets. In mono mode all Eight inputs mix down to a single linked pair of Master outputs


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