Studio Technologies’ Model 46A and 47A audio interfaces offer improved circuitry and software over earlier models in a more compact and lightweight package.

Studio Technologies Model 47A audio interfaceStudio Technologies Model 46A‘From the start, the
overriding design goal for both products was to create a “new breed of cat” that fundamentally changed how broadcast two-to-four-wire interface equipment performs in actual applications,’ says Studio Technologies President, Gordon Kapes. ‘We can describe these products in conventional terms, but their real strength rests in their excellent real-world integration and performance with two-wire party-line (PL) intercom circuits.

‘Our conversations with industry experts alerted us to the significant effort necessary to install and configure existing two-to-four-wire interface units, as well as their wide range of results. Our original Model 46 and 47 designs addressed the requirements in a more effective way, and the latest enhancements continue to improve the units’ performance. With the 46A and 47A, customers will continue to enjoy the same positive experience to which they’re accustomed, including flexible configuration, great audio and intuitive controls and displays.’

The Model 46A is designed for sports and special-event broadcasting; theme park and theatre installations; and corporate event environments. It provides two two-channel partly-line interfaces that allow direct connection of user belt packs and related devices. The Model 46A’s four-wire inputs and outputs are directly compatible with the matrix intercom systems that are standard in live-event broadcast and production facilities. When compared to the earlier Model 46, the latest version features several significant improvements. These include a weight reduction, a lower audio noise floor and improved noise immunity.

The Model 47A also provides dual two-to-four-wire analogue audio interfaces but with the addition of power and audio on both channels of both party-line interfaces – a total of four powered PL channels for mobile and fixed television facilities that use a Source Assignment Panel (SAP) for PL channel routing and configuration. Compared to the Model 47, the Model 47A improvements are significant for weight- and space-limited mobile applications. The audio noise floor has also been improved as well as enhanced immunity from ESD (‘static’ discharge).

In addition, both the Model 46A and 47A now offer improved PL output currents for an additional ‘margin’ for connected devices. Also, the internal power supplies on both units have been revised for increased efficiency. A new generation of microcontroller-integrated circuitry allows for faster and more accurate software performance.

Both products support other specialised audio system-interfacing applications, and provide two independent, full-featured two-channel interfaces. Each interface contains two hybrid circuits that include automatic-nulling capability. The analogue circuitry of the products, under software control, provides excellent audio quality and high return-loss. The interfaces are compatible with powered and unpowered two-wire PL circuits and are capable of supplying DC power, allowing direct operation of devices such as user beltpacks and user stations.

Key features include two two-channel PL intercom interfaces; four analogue hybrids with auto-null capability; input and output level metering; excellent audio quality; integrated PL power sources; standard audio connectors; transformer-coupled four-wire inputs and outputs; and universal-input (100-240V, 50/60Hz) mains power operation. Configuration settings allow the two- to four-wire interface circuitry to be compatible with a range of nominal signal levels. Audio level meters provide user confirmation of system performance during setup and operation.


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