Hosa Edge cablesHosa Technology has announced the Edge Series cable line, featuring Neutrik connectors and oxygen-free copper (OFC) conductors.

The Edge Microphone Cables use Neutrik XX-series connectors with gold-plated contacts for corrosion resistance, a Zinc die-cast housing for reliability, chuck-type strain relief for maximum cable retention, a boot with a polyurethane gland to prevent cable kinking, and an ergonomic design that ensures easy handling. They also employ 20 AWG OFC conductors with polyethylene dielectrics and a 95 per cent OFC braided shield.

Many of the attributes of the Edge Microphone Cables are common to the Edge Guitar Cables – Neutrik X-series plugs and 20 AWG OFC conductors, a 95per cent OFC braided shield, and conductive PVC.

Like the Hosa Edge mic and guitar sables, the Edge Speaker Cables use Neutrik connectors with one-piece contacts for signal integrity and structural rigidity, and chuck-type strain relief. These speaker cables use 12 AWG OFC conductors and a PVC jacket that adds durability, remains flexible, and reduces the visibility of the cable.

‘Transmitting sound from its source to the audience with minimal signal loss is absolutely crucial and this mandate is precisely what the Hosa Edge Series is all about,’ says Hosa Technology Product Manager, Jose Gonzalez. ‘Someone at the beginning of the signal chain poured their heart and soul into their music, and the music must reach the crowd with the same quality and impact as originally created. Unfortunately, the quality of the cable that transports one’s signal is often overlooked. With the new Edge Series, all of us at Hosa are confident the music will be delivered exactly as it’s supposed to be.’

Edge Series cables will all be available in a variety of cable lengths. Edge Series Microphone Cables range from US$45.45-US$145.80 while the Edge Guitar Cables are priced from US$46.50-US$81. The Edge Speaker Cables are priced from US$37.65-US$232.50. Hosa’s Edge Series microphone, guitar, and speaker cable products are expected to be available by March 2014.

More: www.hosatech.com

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