Axia has announced the xSwitch, a zero-configuration, standalone compact Ethernet switch suited to use as a core switch in Livewire IP-Audio networks for small one- or two-studio set-ups, or as an edge switch in larger facilities.

Key features:
Axia xSwitch· No config files to upload or command lines to type in - assign an IP address and plug xSwitch into an Axia network.
· Supports 2,000 Multicast groups and 2,000 ARP table entries – 8x more routing capacity than other small-form Ethernet switches
· Part of Axia's high-performance xNode collection. Can be racked alongside xNodes.
· Fanless, with front-panel heat sinks.
· Supplies PoE (Power over Ethernet) on four of its eight Livewire.
· Two Gigabit Ethernet ports with SFP (Small Form-Factor Pluggable) interfaces.
· High-resolution front panel OLED display that provides port link status, PoE usage and SFP status, plus system temperature.
· Eight 10/100 Ethernet ports with Livewire allow attachment of audio devices from more than 45 Axia Partner companies.

‘Thousands of broadcasters have already discovered how easy it is to build studios with Axia,’ says Marty Sacks, Axia VP and Executive Director. ‘Now, building an Axia network is even easier. xSwitch is custom-pro­grammed, so there's zero switch configuration to do. A one-button setup puts the switch online and routing audio streams in under a minute.’

‘Other networked-console makers force you to design your network their way, but Axia has been about giving our clients choices. With Axia, you can choose to build your studios using Axia-certified Cisco switches, or Axia integrated console engines with built-in Ethernet switches. And now, there's xSwitch, which gives broadcast engineers yet another choice. No other console company does this.’

Axia xSwitch will ship in the third quarter of 2013, with an MSRP of US$1,295.


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