Lectrosonics has released the DNT BOB 88 Dante Breakout Box for use with its Aspen Dante network processor and other Dante hardware.

DNT BOB 88 Dante Breakout BoxThe DNT BOB 88 is a high-quality, general-purpose interface designed to transmit and receive line level analogue audio via a Dante network. It can be used for creating a bidirectional digital snake for stage productions, sending audio to a remote recording location or delivering audio to remote amplifiers and loudspeakers.

The analogue inputs are offered as digital transmit channels on the network. Audio for the analogue outputs is taken from subscriptions to transmit channels on the network from other sources. When connected to a network, each DNT BOB 88 will appear as a separate device in the Dante Controller software interface. The unit operates as a native Dante device with automatic device discovery and clock configuration using standard Ethernet hardware.

The unit offers eight balanced line-level analogue inputs, eight balanced line-level analogue outputs, Dante primary and secondary ports, eight Dante network outputs and eight Dante network inputs. It is Gigabit compatible and AVB (Audio Video Bridging) ready.

The interface makes signal management on a Dante network strightforward – audio presented at Input 1 appears as Dante Transmit Channel 1 for that device on the network. Input 2 appears as Dante Transmit Channel 2 and so on. Any Dante device on the same network can then subscribe to the transmit channels and process or route the audio as required. Similarly, each receive channel can subscribe to any transmit channel on the network and the received audio will be delivered to the analogue output of the same number. Receive Channel 1 appears at analogue Output 1, receive Channel 2 to Output 2 and so on.

Being fully Dante compatible, the DNT BOB 88 – and the Aspen Dante network processor – promises plug-and-play technology with automatic discovery and easy signal routing, reduced cost and complexity when creating an audio network, sample accurate playback synchronisation, low system latency, support for 1Gpbs networks, and a scalable, flexible network topology that supports a large number of senders and receivers among its core features.

‘This new interface makes it easy to manage audio inputs and outputs on a network and accomplishes this with plug-and-play simplicity using IP standards-based technology that functions over existing infrastructure and hardware,’ says Lectrosonics VP of Sales, Gordon Moore. ‘I’m confident A/V integrators and live sound professionals will find this unit to be a most versatile addition to their arsenal of tools when creating networked audio systems.’

The Lectrosonics DNT BOB 88 Dante Breakout Box carries a MSRP of US$1905 and is available now.

More: www.lectrosonics.com

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