Riedel Communications released a suite of modular multiplexing and de-multiplexing interfaces at the 2011 IBC show. In addition to the fibre-based real-time MediorNet network solution, Riedel has a range of accessories for ‚solving everyday issues in fibre installations’. The suite of Riedel’s multiplexing tools consists of the small MC-WDM Dual WDM Multiplexer and De-Multiplexer, and a larger MC-CWDM CWDM Multiplexer and De-Multiplexer.

Riedel multiplexing/de-multiplexing interfacesThe MC-WDM interface is 4.75-inch wide and provides two multiplexer/de-multiplexers to multiplex/de-multiplex up to three LC duplex single-mode fibre links each onto one LC connector (MC-WDM-L) or onto the two fibre pairs of one Neutrik opticalCon Quad fibre connector (MC-WDM-Q). Supported wavelengths include 1310nm, 1490nm and 1550nm. The connectors are available on the front or back of each interface.

The iedel MC-CWDM interface is 9.5-inch wide and offers multiplexing and de-multiplexing capabilities over one duplex fibre link for up to 18 LC duplex single-mode connections of different standards, data rates or protocols, such as MediorNet high speed links. The multiplexed signal is available on either an LC connector (MC-CWDM-L) or on a Neutrik opticalCon Quad connector (MC-CWDM-Q). The MC-CWDM also features a separate LC duplex connector. In the LC version this serves as a coupler for two LC fibres, in the opticalCon Quad version this connector provides access to the second pair of fibres of the opticalCon Quad cable. The connectors are available on either the front or the back of each interface.

The device supports LC duplex single-mode fibre links with wavelengths of 1271, 1291, 1311, 1331, 1351, 1371, 1391, 1411, 1431, 1451, 1471, 1491, 1511, 1531, 1551, 1571, 1591 and 1611nm.

The MC-WDM and MCCWDM modules are designed to be mounted in Riedel’s new flexible MC1 Module Carrier System. The 19-inch/1U-high universal housing offers space for four 4.75-inch modules, two 9.5-inch modules or any combination thereof. The individual modules can be mounted with the rear-side to the front by inserting the module backwards. Riedel’s MC1 Module Carrier System provides a solution to conveniently rack mount a wide range of accessories from all Riedel product lines. In addition to the MC-WDM and MC-CWDM modules, the current range of modules also includes the Connect AVBx8 Intercom Panel Interface. The range of these modular products will be further expanded shortly.

More: www.riedel.net

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