Digital and networked audio specialist Digigram and digital console manufacturer Innovason have struck ‘a significant OEM deal’ over the Digigram Aqonda EtherSound stagebox, allowing Innovason to released its own version. of

Innovason SR-16 Called the SR-16, this has 16-inputs and 16-outputs, and offers all of the Aqonda functionality and audio quality in an Innovason ‘skin’.

Fully remotely controllable by the Innovason Eclipse and Eclipse GT consoles, both from the console’s GUI and the control surface, the unit is compatible with existing and coming EtherSound set-ups, and there is no limit to the number of devices that may be controlled. Alternatively, the SR-16 can be controlled using any of the available EtherSound software management programs.

Eclipse is similarly capable of detecting and controlling a Digigram Aqonda as if it were an SR-16. It should also be noted that, even in its original factory format, Aqonda is remotely controllable via Soundcraft, Yamaha and Studer digital consoles, as well as Innovason.

‘It is a perfect complement to Innovason’s existing range of stage racks, and a cost-effective way for their clients to increase channel count and control incrementally,’ says Digigram EtherSound Product Manager, Joffrey Heyraud. ‘Furthermore – and this is the same for any OEM deal, and why it can be so advantageous – all the product development had already been done thus reducing drastically development costs and time to market, the product fully road-tested, and the cherry on the cake was that it was already compatible with their consoles! It was a complete no-brainer for Innovason, and a win-win situation for everybody.’

Innovason Product Manager, Hervé de Caro, agrees: ‘The quality of Digigram’s mic preamps in the Aqonda units is outstanding, so we had no hesitation in adopting this technology as a worthy partner to our existing solutions. As a result, our clients have even more options at their fingertips and we are secure in the knowledge that we are offering a quality solution.’


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