Calling on their expertise in music and physics, brothers BJ and Joe Buchalter founded Metric Halo more than 20 years ago to address problems they perceived facing audio engineers in the digital age.

ULN-8 3d interfaceThe imminent launch of 3d software for the ULN-8 3d interface (as well as Metric Halo Production Bundle plug-ins and SpectraFoo sound analysis software) replaces all of the digital and computer interfacing technology on every Metric Halo interface (including 2882s built in 2001) in line with Metric Halo’s ‘future-proof guarantee’.

With 3d, users can use new MH Link and Satellite Computer Port technologies to build massive multi-box, zero-latency tracking systems (up to 128 channels at 192kHz). It upgrades the software environment to the 64-bit MIO Console 3d and gives all end-users full access to more powerful onboard DSP and plug-ins. New MH EdgeBus card slots and modules adds customisation of interfaces to specific digital connectivity (e.g. Adat, SPDIF, AES, Madi, Midi). With 3d, computer connections are made with Gigabit Ethernet and USB-C technology.

‘We’ve already shipped thousands of upgraded and new 3d devices around the world, but AES will be the official launch of the final 3d software,’ BJ Buchalter says. ‘We know a lot of people have been waiting for the final 3d software to build out their multichannel recording studios or live sound recording rigs with Metric Halo interfaces, and we’re really proud to deliver on our promise in a way that is rock-solid, robust and stable. The sound quality and workflow are the best of the best.’

While 3d upgrades will be available for existing Metric Halo users to upgrade for the foreseeable future, upgrading by the 12 November deadline qualifies as an Early Adopter. In addition to early access discounted upgrade pricing and all of the improvements that come with 3d, including tighter clocking.

‘Early Adopters’ save up to 50 per cent off MSRP on additional new hardware units and EdgeCards,’ BJ says. ‘For example, adding the new ULN-8 3ds to build out a rig would come to $1,995 per unit.’


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