ARX has release the MaxiDrive six-channel high-current line driver/distribution amplifier.

ARX MaxiDrive‘With the advent and widespread use of large, self-powered line array loudspeaker systems, the change in system signal drive requirements seems to have been missed by many signal processor/DSP designers and manufacturers,’ says ARX Managing Director, Colin Park. ‘It seems that little thought has been given to what follows on in the signal chain and the demands multiple loudspeaker input impedance loads can place on processor output stages.

‘The perceived grittiness and lack of clarity at high operating levels sometimes attributed to large line arrays’ performance can probably be more approppriately attributed to the inability of preceding signal processors in the audio chain to drive multiple parallel loads at high voltage levels over long reactive cables, which can present complex loads to the preceding output drive stage. As an example, the combined effect of 20 or 30 input RF traps in parallel as a load will adversely affect both a loudspeaker system’s high frequency and phase responses when driven by a processor with the standard 600Ω output impedance.

‘In short, you need a line driver that can comfortably drive multiple inputs per channel with the headroom (+26dB) required for accurate low distortion reproduction. The MaxiDrive is that line driver. Its very low output impedance and high current output stage virtually eliminates any deleterious cable loading effects and high frequency loss.’

MaxiDrive will also deliver the current drive and voltage swing to drive multiple power amplifier racks in large non-self-powered systems, removing the requirement for individual signal splitters and line buffers in separate amplifier racks. The MaxiDrive’s switchable ‘link’ function also enables use as a signal splitter and oning amplifier.’

‘For the Galvanically challenged’ we offer a fully transformer isolated option, the MaxiDrive T, for applications where full Pin 1/Ground isolation is required,’ Park adds.


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