GatesAir has announced its first AES67-compliant Audio-over-IP codec, the Intraplex IP Link 200A.

GatesAir Intraplex IP Link 200AThe IP Link 200A is a hybrid model that interconnects AES67 and analogue/AES3 signals simultaneously, and enables conversion between the two formats. With dedicated channels for both, users still operating in analogue or AES3 mode have a futureproof path to Audio-over-IP standard, while those operating in mixed mode can convert between the AES67 and analogue /AES3 as required.

As with other IP Link codecs, the IP Link 200A integrates features from the GatesAir catalogue, including Dynamic Stream Splicing software, which mitigates IP packet loss and eliminates off-air time through multiple redundant streams. Dynamic Stream Splicing borrows data from these redundant streams, which can live on the same network or separate paths. GatesAir’s integration of a firewall and advanced packet filtering capabilities strengthen network security, protecting against outside intrusions to ensure rock-solid, on-air signal protection.

‘With IP Link 200A, broadcasters have flexibility to interconnect audio using AES67, analogue /AES3 or in a mixed mode and provides a transitional path to an all-Audio over IP interconnect,’ says GatesAir Chief Product Officer, Rich Redmond. ‘Its design simplifies the cabling and interconnection requirements from our codecs to the wide area network, and provides our customers with a true AES67 Audio-over-IP device that is interoperable with today’s leading Audio-over-IP solutions, including WheatNet-IP, Ravenna and Livewire+. The IP Link 200A is a timely innovation that adds to our long legacy of intelligent IP networking solutions.’


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