BroaMan MUX-22BroaMan has announced a new interface card for its MUX22 video, audio and intercom I/O module, providing AES access and Riedel connectivity.

IC AES is the latest addition to the company’s line of intercom devices, which includes IC422-Clear-Com; IC485-RTS, and IC444-Line I/O + GPIO). The new board integrates AES/EBU-based intercoms with the BroaMan and Optocore networks, allowing all serial data between the matrix and panel to be passed through the system. A single board offers four ports with matrix or panel pinout; each port is equipped with a single AES/EBU input and AES/EBU output offering two audio inputs and two audio outputs (in total 8-Inputs/8-outputs).

As with all BroaMan/Optocore products, the new board is AES3 transparent – enabling it to transport the complete 32-bit AES3 frame – and thanks to this all data embedded in user bits remains unaltered. All ports can be used either for intercom or standard AES/EBU connectivity and the new IC AES board can also be delivered with Riedel pinout enabling direct connection of Riedel intercom systems.

Finally, the IC AES board can be integrated not only into the BroaMan Mux22 but also Optocore X6R/V3R-Intercom devices; each single input channel on the IC AES board is integrated with the Optocore network and can be distributed to other Optocore interfaces (Madi, AES3, analogue).

‘This latest board further expands the flexibility and transmission options. Many clients, such as Videohouse in Belgium, are using this option in their MUX22 and I am delighted that this is proving such a successful series,’ says BroaMan MD, Tine Helmle.

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