BroaMan’s MUX-22 video, audio and intercom I/O module, offers up to 16 3G/HD/SD-SDI I/O configurable video ports (with built-in CWDM multiplexer).

BroaMan MUX-22Part of the BroaMan (Broadcast Manufacture) catalogue of scalable, protocol independent routing, repeating, transport and distribution systems for professional video over optical fibre, the MUX-22 can be delivered as a mixed unit with up to 16 3G/HD/SD-SDI channels as well as selectable audio modules (analogue, digital Madi or AES/EBU); four wire ports for Clear-Com (IC422), RTS (IC485) or generic intercom (IC444) with four Line In, four Line Out, four GPI and four GPO; Madi module, with four duplex SC Madi ports; 16 AES/EBU ports on Phoenix or RJ45 connectors; all contained in a 1U-high rack housing.

Other features includes: constant reclocking of the input (output with optional reclocker); optional sync module with tri-level sync or black burst or word clock I/O; integration with Optocore SANE ports, Ethernet, RS485/422 or GPIO; intercom boards for four Clear-Comom/four RTS/four AES intercom systems/four analogue intercom with GPIO or four optical Madi ports; and fibre tunnel for third-party devices, similar to 1Gbit switches or other fibre utilities. Optional redundancy is also available.

The output can be derived from any source in the system, while the Tri/Bi-level video clock input and output module can be installed in the device on request.

The MUX-22 also integrates into the Optocore digital optical network system. Analogue audio, 4-wire intercom for Clear-Com or RTS user panels or matrices, Madi or AES/EBU are sent transparently through the optical network together with video, Ethernet and serial data. Each audio and data channel can be routed to, and from, every device on the network using the Optocore control software, which enables the monitoring of video signals, displaying the status of each SFP (optical transceiver module) built into the device.

Aside from being populated with SDI I/O and multiplexers to customer specification, the MUX-22 is equipped with a built-in redundant power supply with an automatic switchover in case of fibre failure. Finally, MUX-22 units can be used in multiple different applications, starting from a simple point-to-point link between OB truck and remote location, but can also be used in a redundant ring topology or with BroaMan Route66 units, as a part of large routing solution.

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