Studio Technologies has launched a new series of Announcer’s Consoles with Dante Audio-over-IP connectivity for live commentary and related applications. The line comprises the Model 232, Model 234 and Model 236, all with a ‘pro quality’ microphone input circuit, Dante and analogue output channels, plus two, four,or six talkback inputs and outputs. Each unit can beincorporated into a Dante/AES67-based network and is compatible with the Dante Domain Manager (DDM) application.

Studio Technologies Model 232/234/236‘We designed these units such that they can be used as part of just about any on-air or live-event commentary application,’ saysStudio Technologies President, Gordon Kapes . ‘In addition to their terrific sonic performance, we built-in an incredible number of options that let their performance be easily optimized. We’ve also included some unique, specialised features so they will work very well in REMI/At-Home applications.’

The units’ microphone preamplifier features selectable gain over a range of 20-65dB with available P48 phantom power. For flexibility, external audio from a Dante receiver (input) channel, can be used instead of the microphone input, allowingwireless microphones to be directly supported. A Dante transmitter (output) channel is provided as the main or ‘on-air’ output. In addition, an analogue mic-level output is available to allowintegration with analogue inputs on audio consoles or remote I/O interfaces.

Model 236,A stereo headphone output and associated rotary controls allows a user to create their own monitor mix. Each unit provides two Dante receiver (input) channels, typically used for their program or talent cue (IFB) input sources. In addition, each talkback channel has a Dante receiver (input) channel associated with it. This allows a Model 236 user to create an individual headphone mix from up eight audio inputs channels. In addition, a sidetone function provides the user with a microphone confidence signal.

Dual Gigabit Ethernet interfaces provide support for redundant Dante operation. Power can be provided by Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) or an external source of 12V DC. The unit is housed in a compact, rugged enclosure and provides all the resources required by one announcer or commentator. Two spare connector locations are available on the back panel, allowing installer-implemented options to be created. By simply adding an XLR connector the unit’s remote-control inputs and low-voltage DC tally output can be used.

The Studio Technologies’ STcontroller software application is used to configure theModel 232, Model 234 and Model 236. Configuration choices can be viewed and changed in real time, as well being saved and recalled as desired. Essentially every feature can be optimised to meet the exact needs of an application.

A furhter feature allows a talent cue (IFB) audio channel to be created within the unit. This capability, for use by the associated announcer or commentator in a REMI or At-Home environment, would typically be created at a central broadcast facility. The Announcer Console units will also integrate with a number of other products from Studio Technologies. Many unique functions can be created using high-frequency tones that are well outside of the voice range. These ‘status’ tones allow IFB, on-air tally, and intercom call signals to be sent and received.

‘There are not many applications that these units can’t support,’ Kapes claims. ‘We’ve broken through the concept of the simple ‘talkback box’ by combining high-end audio quality with an extensive set of easy-to-deploy resources. These units simply perform beyond anything we’ve done before – and in a way that should please both engineering managers and on-air talent.’


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