German software house AFMG has released Reflex. Claiming to be the first commercial software to model the reflection, diffusion, and scattering of sound waves by geometrical structures, the software is aimed squarely at acoustical consultants, architects and users of the company’s Ease program.

AFMG Reflex‘With Reflex Standard, acoustical consultants and architects can finally move beyond rule-of-thumb estimates of diffusion characteristics and scattering coefficients,’ says AFMG’s Stefan Feistel. ‚Replacing guesstimates with accurately calculated diffusion models will improve results of acoustical treatments significantly, especially when coping with acoustically challenging environments.’

Reflex Standard enables the drawing of 2D-extruded geometrical surfaces of unlimited size and complexity. Reflective properties are displayed as polar response graphs for any frequency at any angle of incidence. Scattering and diffusion coefficients are shown as frequency response graphs. Different angles, frequencies and even complete models can be compared and saved as a report. This gives users professional data for quickly and easily analysing both specialized diffusers and ordinary wall surfaces.

Using AFMG Reflex, users can quickly evaluate diffuser performance and fine-tune room design for both single-listener and expanded sweet spots.

‘Diffusers can reduce standing waves, smooth out room response and enhance surround-sound ambience,’ Feistel points out. ‘But they’re more expensive than simple absorption and until AFMG Reflex, the results were extremely hard to predict.’

Reflex Standard is a stand-alone analysis tool for calculating the scattering coefficients that are required for auralizations (audible previews of sound system performance and architectural acoustics) generated by the Ease module Aura. Along with Reflex Standard, AFMG has introduced Reflex Basic, engineered for designers of home theaters and project studios. Reflex Basic is only limited by the maximum size of diffusers and can handle one model at a time.

AFMG will distribute both versions of Reflex online through its own website. Multi-user licenses for both programs are available at a 20 per cent discount. Trial versions of AFMG Reflex can be downloaded from the site, which also provides detailed information about both Reflex Basic and Reflex Standard.


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