Artnovion has announced the MedLine range of cleanable acoustic treatment, featuring hospital-grade anti-bacterial coatings and hardwearing, washable anti-odour finishes for Covid-safe workspaces.

Artnovion MedLine acoustic panelsThe range comprises both fabric absorbers (Sparta AE, Troy and Azores AE products) and wood absorbers (Lyra 8 CL and Norma 8 CL panels), making MedLine suitable for a wide variety of applications including healthcare and well-being facilities that require the highest levels of cleanliness.

Where infection control has traditionally been achieved through the use of antimicrobial materials with bactericide and fungicide properties, viruses present a different challenge because they do not proliferate by themselves on inert surfaces. Instead, viruses rest on surfaces waiting for a new host to inadvertently touch them and put them in contact with any mucosa, infecting the host. In addition to regular antimicrobial protection, the best way to defend against the new Covid-19 threat is to regularly clean all exposed surfaces with disinfectant products.

Artnovion’s MedLine-Cleanable products are made from antimicrobial materials that provide protection against all other agents and can also be cleaned with Covid-19 killing disinfectants. The surfaces on these acoustic elements need to be perforated, allowing for sound to penetrate the panel for optimal sound absorption. Surface resting pathogens are eliminated by the outer surface’s antimicrobial treatment and by regular disinfection. The inner perforation surfaces are inaccessible and cannot be touched, meaning that they do not contribute in any way to the transmission of pathogenic agents.

Artnovion is distributed in the UK, Spain and the Netherlands by Audio-Technica


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