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Scanlon Ice RinkWhen three Philadelphia ice rinks were facing closure in the city’s budget troubles of 2008, Mayor Michael Nutter announced that the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation would step in to take over their operation and programming. The foundation did indeed come to the rescue, and the Scanlon, Laura Sims, Simon and Tarken ice rinks have now all received major renovations. They are now fully enclosed, operate year-round and include locker rooms and computer labs.

The renovations saw local A/V contractor AV Rental Services install a new sound systems, based around Community R1-94 loudspeaker systems. ‘Ice rink acoustics are horrible but the system is awesome,’ AV Rental Services’ Bruce Johnson reports. ‘Everyone can understand the announcements; the coverage is good everywhere and the music sounds great.’

Dave Howden, Community Director of Technical Services, believes that the R1s were a good choice for these ice rinks because, as an outdoor loudspeaker, they can stand up to the humidity and temperature of an ice rink. In addition, the R1s have pattern control below 500Hz which helps to minimise echo and reverberation.

Johnson devised custom brackets to work with the R1’s standard U-brackets and to mount the loudspeakers to the open steel framework of the buildings. The systems in all four ice rinks were designed for simple operation with a Shure mixer and microphone and music inputs.

Approximately 2,500 inner-city children play hockey in leagues at the rinks under the Snider Hockey Program, which puts each child on the ice three to six days a week. Each child spends about an hour on the ice and 30 minutes each on homework and ‘life skills.’ In addition, the rinks are open two or three evenings each week for school hockey games and scrimmages.

Unsurprisingly, Johnson says he is proud to have played his part in this very successful programme.

More: www.communitypro.com


I-Beam BarFrom start-up to a year on, the Johor nightclub scene, the I-Beam Bar has become one of Malaysia’s most popular venues and is well-known among clubbers in Kuala Lumpur, a two-hour journey away. The club offers both live music and DJs to 1,500 guests, served with the best in lights, effects and sound.

The bar’s popularity led owners to expand its sound system soon after opening – and in doing so, doubling the DAS Audio sound presence in time for the club’s one year anniversary. The, contracted DAS Audio distributor Search Music to handle the installation, in close co-operation with DAS Audio Asia Systems Engineer, Ron Koh.

The biggest challenge in a venue of this size – the I-Beam Bar has a 90ft by 80ft main area with ceiling heights ranging between 17 and 20 feet – is achieving even coverage throughout the bar. In response, the sound team doubled the number of loudspeakers in the main FOH system – four DAS Audio Aero 8A units were added to I-Beam’s existing eight, bring the total to 12 Aero 8As flown in matched clusters per side. Eight of the compact, full-range Avant 15A systems were also added to the mix as delay fills for an extra punch.

The sound designers opted to boost the low frequency support as well, adding DAS Audio LX-218CA systems for a total of eight cabinets set up in a typical left-right configuration. Four new Avant 12A systems serve as DJ monitors and four Action M12As as stage monitors. Avant 118A boxes handle side fill, and the system is rounded out with a DAS DSP-2060 and DSP-4080 digital signal processor.

The upgraded sound with the expanded professional DAS Audio systems has been a resounding success and I-Beam Bar’s one-year anniversary is reported as ‘an event to be remembered’.

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A recent sound system update at the Hippodrome Casino in London’s Leicester Square has left it with than 200 Community loudspeakers.

Hippodrome CasinoThe former Hippodrome Theatre and adjacent buildings have been transformed into The Hippodrome Casino by father–and-son team Jimmy and Simon Thomas, who have invested more than £40m creating a high-end casino that blends its own theatre history with contemporary furnishing.

The complex comprises three floors of gaming, with the main floor based in the original 60-foot theatre atrium. Further facilities include a 180-seat cabaret theatre, restaurant, four private dining rooms, five bars and a number of lounges and events spaces. With around 40 networked zones, specialist audiovisual systems integrator Willow SoundVision carefully selected every audio product to be the best solution for the building and the multi-purpose way it is used.

The result involves 146 Community Distributed Design D4 ceiling loudspeakers, 22 DS5 surface-mount loudspeakers and seven Community D10 ceiling subs providing the main music and public address system for the gaming areas, restaurant, bars and event spaces. They were chosen for their audio quality and high intelligibility above ambient noise levels. Well controlled dispersion was also a critical factor in avoiding spill, as many zones are open to adjacent areas.

Fourteen Community Veris 6T loudspeakers, six Veris 26T loudspeakers and six Veris 210S subwoofers were used for their powerful, high-quality music capability in the lower ceiling height multi-purpose lounges. Symetrix SymNet provides the system networking and Media Technology Systems

PAG amplifiers power the Community loudspeakers. Custom control software by Willow SoundVision allows complete system control via mobile phone or iPad.

More: www.communitypro.com


Although architecturally impressive, the high ceilings, marble, concrete and glass of the Sacred Heart Church in Bellevue, Washington, provide an extremely difficult environment for amplified sound. Lacking essential intelligibility, the sound system in the modern 750-capacity sancutaryhad been living on borrowed time.

Sacred Heart Church‘The room sounded muffled and speech was indistinct, so the priest always felt like he wasn’t loud enough,’ syas Morgan Sound A/V consultant, Stephen Weeks. His solution lay in a system based on Tannoy loudspeakers and Lab.gruppen amplifiers.

‘Instead of a traditional altar at the front of the church with seats facing it – the altar platform is extended, so the seating surrounds it by 270°. There are also some areas with low ceilings surrounding the platform that account for 50 per centof the seating capacity.

‘Tannoy’s dual concentric technology is very helpful for keeping things coherent,’ he explains. ‘The speakers are very clear, very clean and very warm in the low end and there were no smear issues like you might experience with a more traditional box, which was critical.’

With no way to cover the entire room effectively and discreetly from a single location, Weeks and company founder Charlie Morgan chose a Tannoy VX 15Q for the main seating area and flanked it with five time-delayed VX 5.2s per side. These were directed out and down towards each section with the low ceilings to localise the sound to the stage. Additionally, five Tannoy IS 52s were built into the stairs of each facet of the octagonal platform for front fill. Two Tannoy VX 6s and a pair of DVS 4s provide a feed from the priest’s podium/headset microphones for Sacred Heart’s choir (which performs from behind the octagonal platform) and for the church’s organist, respectively.

Weeks also specified Lab.gruppen amplifiers – a pair of channels mono-bridged from a C 16:4 for the central VX speaker, two Lab C 20:8 amplifiers for the VX 5.2s and IS 52s and a pre-existing third party amp to drive the stage monitors. ‘The amps took up very little rack space, but provided the channel count we needed,’ he explains.

Ensuring the spoken word could be heard clearly was an essential consideraion. Additionally, a musical programme that encompasses both traditional and modern styles (performed by either Sacred Heart’s choir, individual cantors, or small instrumental ensembles) benefits from the system’s full-range capability.

‘The result is like night and day,’ Weeks reports. ‘Since the install of the Tannoy loudspeakers and Lab.gruppen amplifiers, we’ve had nothing but high praise for the entire system and the sound overall.’

Morgan Sound is a provider of audio, visual, and lighting systems that specifies, designs and installs audiovisual systems for houses of worship, educational facilities, municipalities, businesses and entertainment venues in the US and internationally.

More: www.tannoy.com
More: www.labgruppen.com
More: www.morgansound.com


Two of China’s most prestigious nightclubs have recently updated their technical installationsusing Apex Intelli-X2 processors to manage their sound systems – with six further similar installations to follow.

Club TNTAmong them, Xi’ang’s Club TNT is an 850m2 venue offering a diverse course of live music and DJ sets, including pop, rock, electronic and hip-hop. The audio system here was designed and installed by Real Music Acoustic & Lighting Technology, one of China’s leading production technology houses, who specified four Apex Intelli-X2 48 processors to control a comprehensive Adamson loudspeaker system.

‘We designed the system with a matrix of loudspeakers, to ensure that all guests are covered by audio from at least two different directions wherever they are,’ says Real Music MD, Richie Wang. ‘This delivers a uniform sound throughout, maximising the enjoyment and experience for clubbers.

‘They are exceptionally powerful and flexible, deliver fantastic quality sound and are also remarkably straightforward to install and program,’ he adds.

The Club TNT installation also prompted its owner (Nanjing Trendsetter Entertainment Management, NTEM) to ommission Real Music to install a similar system in its latest venture, Club Enzo, an 875m2 venue in Nanjing. Here, three further Apex Intelli-X2 48s were specified.

‘The sound at Club TNT and Club Enzo has really impressed everybody, not least the owners, who are dedicated to building China’s very best nightclubs,’ Wang reports. ‘Using Apex processors is an important part of achieving that aim and we look forward to specifying them at six more high-profile projects for NTEM in the near future.’


Two blocks from The White House in Washington DC, the Warner Theater has served both as a performance venue and cinema, and has a history rich in both worlds. Tracing its origins to 1923, its name comes from Harry Warner, one half of Hollywood’s famed Warner Brothers. Having staged Vaudeville and screened movies, its 1992 restoration has made it a preeminent DC Metro showcase and home to the annual BET Awards.

Warner TheaterAs a live performance venue, it has recently updated its sound system, installing an Outline Butterfly system to support an expanded entertainment calendar.

‘The sonic performance is stellar, and the narrow profile of the arrays minimises impact on both lines of sight and frontal lighting needed for theatrical purposes,’ says house sound engineer, Ishai Ratz. ‘The Butterfly delivers all the performance we need and then some – but it does not overpower the theatre visually. That was an important consideration when it came to choosing the right PA for this venue.’

Left/right hangs of 14 Butterfly elements, along with two CDL1815 cardioid subwoofers make up the main front of house system. This is complemented by eight arc-delayed Outline LAB15SP self-powered subwoofers beneath the stage, delivering uniform and coherent lows. Six Outline self-powered steerable Mini-Compass speaker systems, with their unique variable horizontal control, provide the front and stage lip fill.

‘At the onset of celebrating our 40th Anniversary in 2013, I am pleased to have such an important and respected institution as the Warner Theater join the Outline family,’ says Tom Bensen, Sr VP and MD of Outline North America, who was on hand to commission the system. ‘As a venue managed by industry leader Live Nation, the quality and caliber of performers that will come through this acclaimed theater will provide the ideal, mutually advantageous platform whereby the artist, the venue, and Outline will each benefit greatly from the experience.’

The installation builds on a legacy that has seen the theatre’s stage graced by performers from Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett to ZZ Top and Paul Simon — who accepted the first ever Gershwin Prize awarded for a popular song beneath its proscenium in 2007.


Best known as home to the Miami University in Oxford’s RedHawks basketball and volleyball teams, the 9,200-capacity venue on the campus’ John D Millett Hall also hosts concerts and other events – counting guests as varied as Yo-Yo Ma, Beck, Bill Cosby, Jay Leno and the Dalai Lama.

John D Millett HallWith an aging distributed PA system struggling to even with simple voice announcements, the school called on L-Acoustics’ Certified Provider Loud & Clear to supply sound reinforcement for its concerts. More recently, Loud & Clear has provided the venue with an L-Acoustics’ Kara system as a a fixed installation.

Used for both music and sports events, the system comprises LR hangs of 12 Kara arrays, flown on the north end of the court. Ground-stacked beneath each array are four SB28 subs in a cardioid configuration. Six LA8 amplified controllers housed in custom racks power and process the entire system.

‘The Kara system is being used for everything from concerts to lectures and graduation ceremonies,’ says Loud & Clear Installation Manager, Eric Cimini. ‘One of the biggest things the client requested going into this project was that the coverage be extremely consistent throughout the entire venue. They wanted everyone to hear exactly the same thing – from the cheerleaders right below the PA to the athletes on the court to the final row of seats at the other end of the arena. Looking at these little 12-box arrays, one might not expect them to cover the space as well as they do, but Kara totally delivers.’

L-Acoustics Kara‘With our new system, we went from hearing multiple complaints about the sound at every event to hearing multiple compliments,’ says Millet Hall and Hall Auditorium Facility Director, Brad Clark. ‘Everyone has been absolutely thrilled with it; I’ve not heard a single complaint since it was installed.’

‘I’m really impressed with its coverage and range; the low end sounds so much better and really suits the University crowds,’ he adds. ‘Plus, the L-Acoustics’ name is one that appears on every touring rider. In the past, we would typically contract out 10-15 events a year, whereas we’ll be able to do all of those in-house now, which is great.’

Although the Kara will spend most of its life flown in Millett Hall, the system is designed to be portable in the event that the school wishes to use all or part of it at the Department of Music’s 735-seat Hall Auditorium or for an outdoor concert. Motorised hoists permit the arrays to easily be lowered and removed, while additional hardware allows the cabinets to be stacked or flown elsewhere on campus when needed for smaller events.


A quest that took Beatport – an online music and tools resource for DJs – ‘high and low across the great land’ identified ten venues believed to offer the best club sound in the US. Among them, five are Funktion-One installations.

Cielo ClubThe top spot went to New York’s Funktion-One equipped Cielo Club, with the UK company also claiming a stake in positions three (Beta, Denver), six (Q, Seattle), eight (Mansion 360, Miami) and ten (Smart Bar, Chicago). The chart reflects a busy period for exclusive US Funktion-One distributor Sound Investment Audio, which specified and installed all five systems.

Cielo opened in 2003 and was the first North American venue to adopt a Funktion-One system installed, giving it a special place in the speaker manufacturer’s history as well as New York’s ultra-chic Meat Packing District. The venue’s owners have adopted a back to basics ethos, with clear priorities: ‘The best DJs, a strong door, impeccable service, stunning décor and lighting, and a sound system that will blow the most fastidious audiophile’s socks off.’

Following a recent upgrade, that system now comprises four Funktion-One AX88 skeletal loudspeakers. These twin mid-high Axhead horns produce high output from a compact size and operate upwards of 180Hz. Two new F315 speakers supply the mid-bass and four BR218 enclosures deliver deep bass. Fill comes from four highly versatile AX88 speakers. Two Funktion-One Resolution 2 speakers and a Minibass 212 provide monitoring for the DJ booth.

The system is powered by MC2 T2000, T1500, T1000 and MC2 E90 amplifiers, with control from an XTA/Funktion-One audio management system.

Cielo has been a reference point for audio for almost a decade and Tony Andrews believes that’s with good reason: ‘Nicolas Matar is a shining example of a switched on club owner,’ he says. ‘Right from the beginning of Cielo, he has known that it is all about audio quality and made sure of it by combining a well acoustically treated room with Funktion-One loudspeakers.’

‘To be responsible for five of the top ten sound systems in such a huge territory is mind-blowing,’ Sound Investment Audio co-founder, Dan Agne, adds. ‘We’re extremely proud.

‘Without a doubt, we’ve received the most compliments from the sound system at Cielo. The perfect placement of components, first-class DJs who know what they’re doing every night, the acoustic treatment, and the owner’s obsession with sound quality results in an experience that moves your soul. Fairly unusual in this day and age.’


Ubiquitous in Asia, the KTV (Karaoke Television) market is estmated to ne worth some US$500. KTV club rooms will play music backing, and display video clips and lyrics for rock star escapism – typically up to 50 private lounges, each featuring dedicated sound systems with sophisticated control and surprising audio quality.

Da Di Entertainment CentreJBL KTV sound systems are becoming a regular sight in the premium China KTV market, where venues in elite neighborhoods combine themed interiors with concierge services, valet parking, and food and drink services.

‘Customers come to KTV venues for a personalised “rock star” singing experience,’ says Daryl Wong, Director of Marketing at Harman Professional, China. ‘It’s entirely appropriate – almost requisite – that they get to enjoy the same audio technologies as those featured on the biggest stages and in the most prestigious recording studios. JBL is the clear sound system of choice for music’s elite performers – whether it’s Canto-pop or traditional folk – and our systems perform as well in the KTV venues of China’s regional cities and towns as they do on stages around the world.’

Available models in the KP600 Series include the KP615 (15-inch woofer, 1.5-inch tweeter), KP612 (12-inch woofer, 1.5-inch tweeter), KP610 (10-inch woofer, 1.5-inch tweeter), and KP618S (18-inch subwoofer); the KS300 series KS312 (12-inch woofer, 1-inch tweeter), KS310 (10-inch woofer, 1-inch tweeter) and KS308 (8-inch woofer, 1-inch tweeter). All models use wooden cabinet enclosures that can be ceiling- or surface-mounted.

This range of loudspeakers is combined within tailored system designs that meet various regional tastes. ‘There is no such thing as a universal loudspeaker,’ Wong says. ‘Geographic regions have discrete preferences for the tonal quality and balance of bass, mid and high frequency ranges.’

In central China, the Yue Hao Hotel in Xi’an, which combines a clean, contemporary design with 5-star amenities, has equipped its KTV rooms with 84 JBL KP612 and KP610 speakers.

Located in China’s southwestern coastal region, meanwhile, the Da Di Entertainment Centre is the best and largest entertainment park in Putian, Fujian, with 136 KP610 speakers installed in 58 KTV rooms. Fujian’s Di Hao Club offers 20 luxurious KTV rooms with tiled walls, chandeliers, multiple built-in video screens – and two KP612 speakers in each room. The QuanzhouJing Yi Hui Fashion Club in Fujian has 19 KTV rooms of opulent elegance, where patrons can sing along to their favorite songs in rooms with velvet seating areas, large video projection screens and a total of 22 JBL KS312 and 18 KS310 ceiling-mounted speakers.

‘When it comes to fixed installations that can be scaled for and tailored to venues of this size, our engineers and product-development specialists working together in China and Northridge have come up with a loudspeaker series that is uniquely designed, built and priced for China’s KTV market,’ Wong says. ‘We are very pleased with the results of their efforts – and it appears the market is too.’

More: www.jblpro.com


Indonesian distributor Sindo Exports has supplied Allen & Heath GLD-80 digital console and KV2 Audio speaker system to Singapore’s Wala Wala live music club and Cleopatra karaoke nightclub, and Cleopatra nightclub.

Cleopatra's A&H GLD-80Founded 20 years ago, it wasn’t until ten years later that Wala Wala first started hosting live music acts. The move followed the refurbishment of its first floor storage area, creating a relatively small live room. Using its original PA system, the venue struggled to produce a good live sound, however, prompting the club’s management to recruit a house audio technician to mix the 11 weekly acts.

‘Having decided to recruit an engineer in Mark Jason, we realised that the club needed a sound system,’ says Operations Manager, Maniam Krishnan. ‘Bands previously mixed themselves, which was a little inconsistent as some would be too loud and others were inexperienced.’

‘Wala Wala previously had a small analogue console, but switching to digital made a lot of sense owing to the many, varied performers playing here,’ Jason says.

Cleopatra is a karaoke themed nightclub, featuring a nightly light show and live singers. Refurbished by Sindo Exports, its FOH system comprises a QSC Audio loudspeaker system and A&H GLD-80 digital console – which has been extended by adding an AR84 Expander I/O Rack with eight XLR inputs and four XLR outputs, connected via the dSnake Cat5 protocol to the AR2412 I/O Rack on stage.

‘I hadn’t used a GLD console before but I am very impressed,’ says technical engineering manager, Sulaiman Satriadi Simatupang. ‘The GLD-80 has an analogue-style channel processing section complemented by an 8-inch touchscreen. Anyone who hasn’t operated digital before can easily convert, and there’s even a user guide on screen.

‘The USB ports allow direct playback of music files and can also take live stereo recordings of some assigned or all of the channels of the console. In addition, the 20 fader strips are well lit and clear to navigate. In fact, the GLD-80 comes with everything – there’s no need to start ordering extra hardware or software as everything you need is there.’

More: www.allen-heath.com

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