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With a complete refurbishment only recently completed, the Spa Resort Hawaiians suffered badly during the earthquake and tsunami of March 2011.A water resort in Japan’s Fukishima prefecture, the spa immediately to rebuild, including replacing its QSC Installation Line Array (ILA) Loudspeaker System.

Spa Resort HawaiiansQSC distributor Onkyo Tokki Ltd (OTK) was responsible for the original ILA installation as well as the reconstruction work. The entertainment area at the spa, which hosts evening Hula dance and Polynesian live music events, is located behind an indoor lido pool area, and is surrounded on three sides by two-tiered audience seating with a capacity of 700 people.

Prior to the refurbishment, the resort’s management was unsatisfied with the sound of the original PA. Due to the expansion of the entertainment area over the years, the existing 14-year-old system no longer provided even sound dispersion across the seating area. The managers needed it a system capable of achieving consistent coverage, laterally and vertically.

OTK recommended the QSC ILA as both the most efficient and cost-effective solution for the resort. As the ILA provides 140° horizontal range of coverage, no out fills or centre clusters were needed, further minimising cost and complexity. OTK installed 12 WL2082-i loudspeakers and two pairs of WL118-sw subwoofers. A dedicated SC28 system controller was chosen to optimise the performance of the system, in which the speakers were driven four-way (three-way plus subs) by a combination of QSC PowerLight PL325 and PL340 amplifiers.

Installed in two arrays mounted 5m from the ground, one on either side of the stage and each consisting of six WL2082-i elements and a pair of WL118-sw subs, the stage sound system succeeded in reproducing on-stage sound with vastly improved clarity and presence, delivering it evenly to every seat in the house – even the rear seats on the top tier, which are around 30 metres away from the twin QSC arrays.

Following the earthquake, reconstruction at Spa Resort Hawaiians took just under a year. According to OTK, the goal of the reconstruction work was to restore the systems at the resort to the state they were in the day before the disaster, and this was achieved by the time the resort reopened in February. To the delight of OTK’s engineers, when the structural works on the resort following the earthquake were complete, the QSC ILA and its constituent elements were found to be in full working order, requiring no repairs.

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Britz CastleThe conversion of Berlin-Neukölln’s Britz Castle into a cultural centre, is now complete – providing the German city with a new 300-capacity concert and theatre hall

The technical spec for the venue was for a future-proof digital system that could easily be used by sound engineers of guest productions. It also needed to be portable to service not just the hall but other areas in the venue, and flexible and simple to configure, with the option to have wireless control for smaller events. The solution is centred on Allen & Heath’s iLive digital mixing system.

The iLive system comprises a Dante-enabled iDR-32 MixRack with iLive-T80 Control Surface, plus a PL-10 rotary panel for remote control.

iLive’s competitive price, built in compressor and EQ, as well as the possibility of the live recording of events via a laptop through the Dante interface, are cited as the main reasons it was selected: ‘iLive meets all requirements and expectations,’ says Dirk Förster, from System Integration Berlin. ‘The system is light weight, which made the installation easy, and has amazing technical flexibility.’

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More: www.schlossbritz.de


Hosting off-Broadway theatrical runs, as well as national and regional musical acts, the Tuacahn Amphitheater is an outdoor venue in a dramatic setting in Southwest Utah.

Tuacahn AmphitheaterAccommodating nearly 2,000 people, the venue is set at the end of a red rock box canyon and draws visitors from nearby communities, as well as visitors from Las Vegas. Is shows (which have included Tarzan, Grease, Cats and Annie) are held to very artistic and technical standards on a par with those in New York City or London. Recently, Tuacahn rounded out that experience with powerful, authentic, low end delivered by two Danley Sound Labs TH-812 subwoofers.

Tuacahn was the first theatre company to be awarded an off-Broadway Disney production – Tarzan was a hit, and was follow up with The Little Mermaid. In anticipation, the facility invested heavily in its visual support.

Upgrades to the venue included the installation of intelligent lighting and a gigantic water-screen projection system. ‘The visual effects for The Little Mermaid were astounding,’ said Jesse Edgel, systems integrator with Poll Sound, the company that designed Tuacahn’s original sound system and assisted with the subwoofer upgrade.

For years, however, the otherwise first-rate venue limped along with marginally satisfactory low-end. ‘Before we upgraded to Danley, we always had to roll in extra subs for concerts,’ says Edgel. ‘It was a total pain.’

In anticipation of 2012 runs of Aladdin and Hairspray and concerts by Three Dog Night, Huey Lewis & The News, Martina McBride and others, Tuacahn Amphitheater determined to bring its bass response in line with every other aspect of it’s A/V system. Poll Sound arranged a blind shootout at the amphitheater involving the Danley TH-812 and top-of-the-line subwoofers from two other respected manufacturers. The TH-812 uses eight 12-inch drivers using Tom Danley’s patent-pending Tapped Horn technology. The design is highly efficient and even across its frequency band.

Everyone with an interest in the upgrade was present and rated the subs according to a number of criteria (‘how low does it go?’, ‘how musical does it sound?’). ‘The TH-812 was the overwhelming favourite based on the criteria,’ Edgel reports. ‘At SPLs typical of a theatrical production, the TH-812s have a nice, honest, deep sound. At concert SPLs, they can kick you in the chest.’ Tuacahn’s owners were surprised to learn that not only did the Danley TH-812s get the best reception but were half to a third of the cost of the other options.

‘It was a no-brainer,’ he adds. ‘The Danley was the best sounding box plus it was substantially less expensive.’

With the money saved, the facility invested in high-end, reliable power for the new subwoofers. Four FP 10000Qs, two FP 6000Qs, and two FP 14000s from Lab.gruppen power the two Danley TH-812s. In order to accommodate the many uses of the arena, Poll Sound installed each sub on its own dolly. The stage managers and sound engineers treat them like set pieces. In addition, Tuacahn ordered the maximum weatherproofing for the TH-812s so that they will endure the meteorological vicissitudes of the high desert.

With the 2012 season underway, several concerts have enjoyed the use of the Danley TH-812s. ‘The FOH engineers have been thrilled,’ Edgel says. ‘They have all said good things about the low-frequency extension. One engineer even eyed the setup suspiciously before the concert and observed that ‘mixed-brand’ systems seldom held together nicely. But when the show was over, he was an unabashed convert. The Danley low-end is undeniable.’

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Marking Qatar’s sporting aspirations, The Aspire Zone attracts local and international sport enthusiasts to a 250 hectare site In Doha. Symbolising the spirit of the 2006 Asian Games, The Torch Doha is a 300m-high beacon of luxury, offering 360° views across the whole of the city.

The Torch DohaAVTech, Paxt’s distributor for Allen & Heath in Qatar, found itself facing a similarly tall order to install a user friendly solution – audio quality and system redundancy being the focal points. Comparing the conventional matrix processors in the market, AVTech opted for integrated Q-Sys system from QSC,and an Allen & Heath iDR-8 matrix mixer to provide separate audio management and control.

In seven meeting rooms, the AVTech team installed the Allen & Heath iDR-8 16x16 matrix mixer. The iDR-8 matrix mixer audio management facilities reduced the need for additional devices, as well as providing A&H preamps, 24-bit audio conversion and fixed DSP architecture. The iDR System Manager software offers customisation and control through user-defined configurations, custom EQ, mixing and PL-Anet remote control.

‘The Torch Doha, meeting rooms sound great with the processing power of the iDR8 and brings user friendly and reliable technology to each of the meeting rooms,’ says Pradeep Kumar, Project Manager for AVTech.

‘AVTech provided a high-quality and comprehensive turnkey solution, and is an excellent partner for Allen and Heath and Paxt,’ adds Hugo Feighery, International Sales Manager for Paxt. ‘The company is regularly involved in high-profile projects and promotes Allen and Heath very successfully.’

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More: http://avtech.com.qa


Hosting lectures, ensemble concerts and other performances, it is masterclasses from the likes of the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis that have put the University of Minnesota’s Ted Mann Concert Hall on the international music map. And with its music pedigree ensured, the university is eager to keep its sound system in step.

Ted Mann Concert HallTo this end, it has recently installed Lab.gruppen C 48:4 amplifiers. ‘Because we need natural sound at low and high volumes for both speech and music, subtlety is key,’ says Music Department Technical Coordinator, Phillip O’Toole.

In 2009, O’Toole noticed ‘a scratching sound’ coming from the hall’s aging custom centre cluster. ‘It was only noticeable at low volumes,’ he recalls. ‘I thought the PA had a bad driver, so I flew in the cluster and combed through every component – which is quite a chore – but couldn’t find it. Turned out it was a bad amplifier. When I hooked up eight channels of Lab, it sounded amazing. It just came to life.’

He has since added another four channels of Lab.gruppen amplification serving the 1,126-seat theatre/concert hall and intends to replace the system’s remaining amplifiers with Labs as soon as funds become available. ‘I often joke about dumping water on the older amps,’ he adds. ‘If they fail, we’ll have to replace them.’

Swapping out six of the pre-existing amplifiers with C 48:4s also allowed O’Toole to consolidate the venue’s amps in one rack. ‘They’ve saved a significant amount of space and installing them was easy to do,’ he reports. ‘The phoenix connectors really lend themselves well to a permanent installation application.’

Currently, these are driving Ted Mann’s custom loudspeaker array and the venue’s, four-box, stereo, main floor speaker system.

Beyond having the system retuned by Minneapolis-based, Audio Logic Systems, nothing else has changed, O’Toole explains, adding that his choice of Lab was based on his use of the product during an install at the 2009 Minnesota State Fair: ‘Once I had that experience I knew I wanted them for our space, and the interesting thing about this is that we’re using the same speakers, processing and console; we’ve only swapped out the amplifiers and I’ve noticed a marked difference.’

Phillip O’Toole has been the lead sound engineer and production manager at Ted Mann Concert Hall for 12 years and has advised the unversity’s Music Department on all equipment purchases and installations at both the venue and its main building, Ferguson Hall. Over his 20 years in professional audio, he has split his time equally between live production and recording and has recently begun doing sound design for local theatrical productions.

More: www.music.umn.edu/about/facilities/tedmann
More: www.labgruppen.com


American baseball’s spring training is a time to catch an intimate pre-season game and view a team’s favorite and newest players – in a casual, up-close and personal environment. Boston Red Sox fans are particularly well placed this season, with the opening of the Jet Blue Park in Fort Myers, Florida – an 11,000-capacity venue equipped with a high-end audio system that includes Community Wet and R-Series weather-resistant loudspeakers

Jet Blue ParkWith striking architecture and great views from virtually every seat in the house, the audio system would have been a simple install except for the architecture…

The system was designed by WJHW’s Gary White and installed by Peerson Audio: ‘The asymmetrical roof covering the seating areas is ornamental, rather than structural,’ says Peerson President, Allen Peerson. ‘It’s designed to be a sun shade. So we had to go above the roof and rig the loudspeakers to the structural steel instead. That meant working off the warning track with a lift to install them 80-ft to 85-ft high.’

And that height also affects coverage patterns: ‘Unlike modern major league stadiums, spring training parks are typically located fairly close to residential areas,’ Peerson explains. ‘Achieving a tight coverage pattern is important in keeping the sound away from neighboring homes, and the Community Wet Series offers an excellent coverage pattern. We did a pretty good job of it – even out in the parking lot, it’s pretty quiet.’

Audio for the main covered seating area is provided by 39 Wet W2-228T loudspeakers, with a single R1-66Z and R2-52Z loudspeaker firing out into the bleachers and berm areas. Crown CTs-series amplification powers the system, and Biamp Audia units handle system drive and processing.

‘South Florida gets quite a bit of extreme weather, including wind, rain and monsoons,’ Peerson adds. ‘The Wet and R-Series loudspeakers also offer outstanding weather resistance, making them an excellent choice for this project.’

More: www.communitypro.com
More: http://biamp.com


Part of a complete new technical infrastructure, Helsinki’s Svenska Teatern has installed DiGiCo mixing consoles with an Optocore digital optical audio network.

Svenska Teatern The Optocore fibre loop forms a digital backbone (with Sane extensions) for audio signal distribution to the amplifier racks, TTA Stagetracker localisation system and Yamaha processing. It also includes Madi converters, and was installed to coincide with the Finnish premier of Kristina från Duvemåla – a hit musical written by former ABBA members Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson.

The equipment was supplied to the Swedish-speaking theatre by Finnish distributor, msonic, who also assisted the long-serving technical manager Andreas (Stanley) Lönnquist – and the theatre’s consultants (including Santtu Sipilä) – with the design and specification of the highly complex audio networking system, as well as the tender document. Local integration company, Hedcom Oy, had the capabilities to implement this within the time frame, and was contracted to carry out the installation following their successful bid.

The digital infrastructure itself was mainly designed by Janne Sivonen and Lönnquist along with Tero Hölttä from msonic and Santtu Sipilä. Also assisting with the design was Optocore’s support engineer, Maciek Janiszewski.

Optocore devices used in the installation include quantities of DD32R-FX providing AES/EBU I/O, X6R analogue converters, DD4MR-FX and DD2MR-FX dual Madi devices, compatible with Optocore’s Cat5-based Sane platform.

Svenska Teatern The decision to renovate the theatre was made several years ago with part of the previous technical equipment infrastructure sold or decommissioned, and part redeployed. However, Lönnquist has kept faith with d&b audiotechnik loudspeakers, now upgrading to the T-series, which will be the main sound reinforcement component among the 100-plus d&b speakers specified, while the former C-series will be relocated to the second room. DiGiCo digital consoles have been installed in both the FOH and monitor positions.

‘The main aim was to keep the entire signal path in the digital domain, in order to maintain the audio quality and keep the latency as low as possible,’ Hölttä explains. Which is where the Optocore system comes in – the German manufacturer provided a number of devices in order for the network topology to be built around two independent, and fully redundant, rings.

At front-of-house is a DiGiCo SD7T console with EX-007 Sidecar and six SD-racks, while the monitor desk is a DiGiCo SD10. Three Madi units add the open standard connectivity to the DiGiCo environment in one Optocore-based loop.

The second, pure Optocore loop provides analogue, AES/EBU and Madi inputs and outputs throughout the entire building. The system is also equipped with multiple SANE-enabled Y3R-TP cards, providing digital channels to the Yamaha DME64 processors, while two DD32R-FX devices feed the amplifiers in the amp room.

The Optocore loops are connected by two DirectOut M1K2 Madi routers, each loop compatible with Optocore’s 1Gbit network. The entire system has been designed to carry almost 1,000 audio input channels.

Development of the theatre’s technical systems is ongoing, and future plans are expected to include a production/recording room within the facility.

This famous theatre was designed by Russian architect Nikolaj Benois and built in 1866. It is the national stage for the Swedish speaking minority and has hosted many concerts and repertory theatre productions during its illustrious history. The great hall seats around 600 and a second studio theatre, around 100.

Kristina från Duvemåla, meanwhile, looks set for a long run. The musical itself is based on a series of four novels, collectively known as Utvandrarna (‘The Emigrants’) by Swedish author Vilhelm Moberg, detailing a family’s poverty-driven migration from Sweden to America in the mid-19th century.

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Donam-dong Catholic churchA recent audio system upgrade at the Donam-dong Catholic church in Donam-dong, Seoul, was required to handle both spoken word and music – but principally to improve acoustic intelligibility and musical clarity over the previous system in the 400-seat church.

The installation saw local distributor Dai Kyung Vascom employing a pair of Iconyx digitally steerable array loudspeakers: ‘The church wanted to upgrade its system,’ says Patrick Han of Day Kyung Vascom. ‘After assessing the space and discussing their requirements in detail, we have supplied two Renkus-Heinz IC8-R units with Rhaon (Renkus-Heinz Audio Operations Network) and upgraded other aspects of their system to create a better system all round.’

Also installed were an Allen & Heath ML3000-24 mixer, Apex dBQ-Zero and 104-10 Aural Exciter and a variety of Sennheiser microphones.

‘The reaction from worshippers and the priests to the new system has been really good,’ Han reports. ‘Representatives from another nearby Catholic church who also came by to listen to the system were very impressed.’

More: www.renkus-heinz.com
More: www.allen-heath.com


A testament to Steve Graham’s commitment and drive, the Torrance Hotel is now a stylish and popular Scottish attraction that has revitalised the surrounding area of East Kilbride. Part of its success is the audio system designed by Bryce Keachie.

Torrance HotelPart of a major restoration, Graham called in Keachie Electronics to specify and install a system that was both consistent and appropriate for all of the different areas – from discreet speakers in the sleek main dining area to something more powerful in the bar and conservatory. He turned to Tannoy…

‘I have worked with Tannoy loudspeakers a lot in the past, so I knew that whatever solution I chose would be reliable and have that hallmark of quality,’ Keachie says. ‘Apart from that, the client was very happy to be using loudspeakers from a renowned manufacturer situated in Scotland, as Tannoy is.’

Because of the architecture and the standard of the restoration, Keachie had to opt for a mixture of in-ceiling and wall-mounted speakers for the areas where light background music would be required. In this case, it meant a mix of Tannoy’s leading commercial install product ranges, DVS and CVS.

Its point-source driver design enables the DVS Series can be mounted vertically or horizontally without compromising the dispersion and coverage control, offering versatility in positioning, all of which gave Keachie more options when placing the units. For places where an in ceiling solution was required, he chose Tannoy’s in-ceiling CVS Series, which was aesthetically suited and also offered particularly high quality audio within the space. In the end, it was DVS 4s and CVS 4s that fitted the space and the client’s requirements for the main dining area, reception and the facilities areas.

For the Sports Bar and Conservatory Restaurant, where a little more volume and power was required to cope with a variety of different events that the Torrance holds, Keachie turned to Tannoy’s new VXP Series, which feature Lab.gruppen’s IDEEA (Intelli-Drive Energy Efficient Amplifier) power module. The self-powered loudspeakers build on the existing V Series range, but mark the first time that Tannoy and sister company Lab.gruppen have worked together on a product line.

A VXP 12 and VXP 8 were chosen for the Sports Bar, while a single VXP 8 was chosen for the Conservatory Restaurant. Both spaces were augmented with single Power VS15BP subwoofers, giving each venue the required power to cope with any eventuality.

‘The [earlier] V Series was very popular among installers and their clients, and I’m glad to say that Tannoy has again delivered the goods with the VX and VXP Series,’ Keachie says. The owners of the Torrance and delighted with both the look and power of their new system, and the quality of the sound is in keeping with the high standard of the surroundings.’

More: www.tannoy.com


Hazrat MasoomehThe first ever use of a line array at a religious site in Iran, the Hazrat Masoomeh has installed a dBTechnologies DVA loudspeaker system.

Completed in just 12 hours by local dBTechnologies distributor Kish Pishgaman, the system of six DVA T12 and ten DVA T4 elements in two arrays distributes sound evenly around the whole prayer space.

‘They were so easy to install, almost clip on, plug and play,’ says installation team chief, Meysam Khorasani, of the DVA speakers. ‘All units were pre-programmed on the floor with selector switches on the back before erecting the systems 18m high. This helps a lot for handy commissioning.’

Also overseeing proceedings was the project’s chief sound engineer, Ing. Alireza Haddadi, who had been convinced by the brand early on: ‘At the tender we were really impressed with the competitive pricing, which together with the quality of the DVA system and the high level of before and after sales service offered by Kish Pishgaman made dBTechnologies the right choice for this project.

‘It was the DVA T12 and T4 that offered the best frequency resolution and speech clarity at this price point. This, combined with outstanding power rating and a three-way amp design is particularly important to us as we are using them mainly for vocal applications covering a large listening area.’

Hazrat Masoomeh‘The low weight of the line array models was a crucial factor when it came down to the choice of speaker, as there are stiff safety regulations to adhere to,’ adds Khorasani, who was also mindful of the aesthetic impact that the system would have on the old building. ‘The wide dispersion of the two line array modules together meant they covered a vast area, hence less investment in terms of both speaker quantity, installation time and expense. And having fewer boxes is less visually intrusive.’

‘I am impressed with the know-how and continuous passion exhibited by Kish Pishgaman,’ says dBTechnologies Business Development Manager, Giovanni Barbieri. ‘Since this company has taken over the distribution in Iran, it has strengthened the dBTechnologies brand image to the point that it is now valuable and recognised in the market. Their connections in the installation field, together with our expanding product portfolio assure us of a brilliant future’

The Commercial Director at Kish Pishgaman is also confident that the newly installed system will lead to further opportunities: ‘Qom city also houses a number of other magnificent mosques, religious gathering places and shrines, which I have no doubt will follow this installation once they have had the chance to hear the dBTechnologies system first hand.

More: www.masoumeh.com
More: www.kishpishgaman.com
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