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The Sha Tin Racecourse in Hong Kong has recently updated its sound system with an installation of Fohhn loudspeakers.

Sha Tin RacecourseLocated in the New Territories, Sha Tin is the larger of Hong Kong’s two racecourses. It has a capacity of 85,000 including two grandstands, along with stabling for around 1,260 horses. The new loudspeaker systems are required to cover main spectator areas.

Used for transmitting commentaries and announcements during race meetings, speech intelligibility was high on the agenda during specifying the system, as was the requirement for the systems to appear as unobtrusive as possible.

Twenty-nine Fohhn Linea Series LX-100 loudspeakers have been installed in the spectator areas, supplied in a special colour to blend with the surroundings. The lightweight speaker systems are based on Fohhn’s hybrid line array design, combining eight 4-inch neodymium high performance low-mid speakers and a 1-inch compression driver with Fohhn Waveguide system. Speaker adjustment is carried out via integrated crossover, with an Intelligent Protection Circuit (IPC) guarding against overload. The loudspeakers are also particularly notable for their slim, compact design, making them suitable for integration into a range of different settings.

The installation has been organised by Fohhn distributor Shoushan System Integration, located in Guangzhou.

More: www.fohhn.com
More: www.ssitech.cn


Established in Hubei Province 58 years ago and operated under the provincial Ministry of Education, Wuhan Technical College of Communications has been named Best Model Unit of Hubei Province three times.

Wuhan Technical CollegeRecently opened, its Multimedia Hall is a multi-functional room capable of hosting events ranging from conventions and conferences to academic seminars for its students’ literary and arts activities. With such diverse roles, it required a flexible and high quality audio and video system.

The company chosen to specify and install the technical system was Wuhan Yin Tian Technical Co, which offers everything from acoustic design, interior decoration, audio and video design to installation and system adjustments. The project was begun in February and completed at the end of April 2012, with Yin Tian immediately faced with the hall’s challenging echo and reverb. With audio the most critical aspect of the installation, the team gave careful consideration to designing and choosing the right materials for acoustic treatment of ceilings, floors and walls, even selecting the most suitable desks and chairs.

Wuhan Technical CollegeAfter testing and comparing available systems, Chief Engineer Zhong Xiang Zhou and his team chose HH loudspeakers, Ashly digital processors and a Mackie Onyx32.4 mixer. The combination was judged to be capable of handling conferences, drama productions and performance equally well.

The audio installation for the hall comprises four HH VRE-215 loudspeakers for the main system, with six HH TRE-115 as extension loudspeakers located around the room. For arts performances, four HH TNS-118s are additionally used as subwoofers. The stage is also equipped with speaker feeds for HH VRM-215 monitors, which can be easily deployed. All the loudspeakers are powered by HH SR2000 or SR900 Scalar series power amplifiers.

After the construction was competed, the hall hosted an arts performance and an award ceremony for a local organisation. Attendees included the executives of the college, audio experts and students – who all praised the performance of the audio and video system in the Multimedia Hall of WTCC.

‘HH products are not just good quality and stable, but the focus on performance makes them sound good. They made the efforts of our team for several months worthwhile,’ says Zhong Xiang Zhou.

More: www.hhelectronics.com
More: www.laney.co.uk


Completely destroyed in a fire in 2011, the Calvary Apostolic Church in Hampden, Maine took up residence in a semi-temporary building. Knowing that it will eventually return to a permanent home, its selection of sound system required advance planning…

Calvary Apostolic Church‘We needed something that was compact enough to be portable and also extremely easy to use, but could be integrated into the new facility once it’s complete,’ explains Jason Mathews, Owner of Sound Media Concepts who handled the church sound.

The solution was a Soundcraft Si Compact 32 mixing desk and JBL Professional PRX portable PA loudspeakers for weekly Sunday services and mid-week Bible study sessions.

‘Ever since I demoed the Si3 when it was introduced, I fell in love with Soundcraft and the Si series. It is extremely user-friendly and the fact that Soundcraft now has an affordable compact digital console of this quality allows smaller congregations the opportunity to take advantage of the latest technology with the breathing room expand in the future.

‘The Si Compact will give the church plenty of flexibility when it is time to move to the permanent building.’

The ease of use of the Si Compact is another advantage for this small but growing church, as most of the time the operators are volunteers: ‘The sound is amazing,’ Mathews says. ‘The Lexicon processors sound great, you really get a lot of quality software in the console for such a great price. The preamps and processing are smooth and don’t fight against you at all.’

The ability of the Si Compact to save the settings after each use has made life easier as different volunteers use the board each week: ‘The console allows for flexibility and to re-patch everything internally,’ Mathews says. ‘It’s great that there is no need to mess around with other gear and all we need is the console, an analogue snake and speakers and we’re good to go.’ This allows the church to change the console layout if needed without having to worry about connection or cable issues.

‘One of the great aspects of the system is that we coupled Soundcraft with JBL,’ Mathews adds. For audio reinforcement, the Church uses a pair of JBL PRX635 powered loudspeakers along with a pair of PRX618S-XLF subwoofers. For monitors, three PRX612M loudspeakers are being used as well.

The PRX635s have just blown me away. The mid and highs are so smooth and I’m surprised at the low distortion. Outside of their great sound, I was attracted to the PRX line because they are designed to be portable but also have rigging points and can be permanently installed in the new facility. I’d put them up against anything else on the market.’

‘It’s as if the Si Compact and JBL loudspeakers were designed for Calvary Apostolic Church’s modern worship style.’

More: www.soundmediaconcepts.com


A luxury yacht took to the water in Texas recently with more than 50kW of Powersoft K Series amplification onboard – and installed. The 61-ft Sea Ray 610 Sundancer yacht, owned by Lance Crosby, chairman/CEO of SoftLayer, sports a total of 47 loudspeakers including a giant subwoofer, and generates a sound pressure level equivalent to a rock concert.

The Sea Ray 610 Sundancer yachtGemini Light Sound & Video supplied the amplifiers, which are fitted with optional DSP cards. The installation includes nine two-channel K2 models (2 x 2.6W into 2Ω) and a single K6 ( 2 x 3.6kW into 2Ω), all running off of 240V AC. The ten amplifiers in total draw just 24A.

Chris Taylor, owner of Custom Audio & Video by Chris, designed the boat’s audio system, which was then fitted by a team managed by lead installer, Chris Smart. The company – a specialist in audio installations in the home, office, car, boat and RV – took less than three months to complete the project, which not only required the fabrication and fitting of custom fiberglass housings and speaker enclosures but also the installation of an additional 13.5kW Onan generator solely to power the audio equipment.

The Powersoft amplifiers provide power to 34 AudioFormz 10-inch Eminence horn-loaded compression drivers and 12 Kicker Solo-Baric L7 subwoofers mounted around the boat’s bridge, upper deck and stern. A single MTX Audio JackHammer subwoofer, which includes a 6.5-inch voice coil, a magnet that weighs over 56 pounds and can handle 4kW RMS, is mounted in the stern above the swim deck.

Powersoft amplifiersA variety of sound sources are available, including a Sony DSX-310BTX digital media receiver and a Mac Mini computer. The system can also access the internet and accepts any Bluetooth audio input.

According to Chad Cain, system tech at Gemini, a major rental, sales and installation provider of sound, lighting and video equipment, Taylor first saw the Powersoft amps at an open house and was impressed by their efficiency and compact size: ‘The power coming from the K2s also matched up quite well with what the components needed to be driven with.’

The Gemini team used Powersoft’s onboard processing in conjunction with Rational Acoustics’ Smaart analysis software to optimise the speaker system. ‘At full tilt, we’re just tickling the amps – it’s got so much headroom and gain available it’s unreal,’ Cain says. ‘It sounds like a pair of stereo headphones when you’re sitting in the boat.’

And with the system cranked up, ‘it literally sounds like a concert on the water. We measured the sound pressure level behind the boat and it was hitting 115dB(A) at about 40 feet back.’

More: www.powersoft-audio.com
More: www.geminilightsoundvideo.com


The Buesa Arena Pavilion in the Basque city of Vitoria has witnessed local basketball team, Baskonia, make it to either the Euroleague’s semi or quarter finals for seven years running. And this success has prompted a technical refit of the city’s 15,000-seat multi-use venue.

Buesa Arena PavilionThe audiovisual installation includes a new scoreboard and a DAS Audio sound system, and was carried out by Grupo Ingevision (Ekintza) in collaboration with the DAS Sound Projects Department, led by Eva Argandoña. Víctor Catalá from the DAS Audio Engineering Department was on hand for system adjustments and set up, and the project was coordinated by the northern zone manager, Juan José Soto.

The main sound reinforcement system for the venue’s stands uses 40 DAS Aero 12A self-powered line array systems distributed in four ten-unit linear formations, each facing one of the main stands. DAS DSP-2060 digital signal processors take care of the monitoring and management of the system.

The broad horizontal and vertical coverage of the Aero 12A line array address the steeply inclined seating without provoking echoes from their overhangs (due to their size and the materials used in their construction).

Four DAS BiDriver systems were installed directly underneath the centrally-positioned octagonal scoreboard to provide optimum sound coverage for the court during athletic and other events. Responsible for paging and relaying messages from the organisers to spectators, these passive systems are driven by DAS SLA-2600 switch-mode power supply amplifiers, while a DAS DSP-26 digital signal processor handles management.

The combination of the DAS sound reinforcement system and the sheer size and features of the over 140-sq-m octagonal scoreboard make the revamped Buesa Arena an exciting space for large-scale athletic events.

More: www.dasaudio.com


In a modern university facility – especially one with a strong research focus – the ability to hear what is being said during lectures is of paramount importance. Many modern buildings favour design, aterials and aesthetics over acoustics, however…

University of WollongongAustralia’s University of Wollongong flagship lecture theatre is one such venue. A long-standing problem resulting from an inadequate sound system presented problems with intelligibility and prompted complaints from students and lecturers alike. The layout of lecture theatre, with steep sloping banks of seating, broken by wooden panels and surrounded by highly reverberant surfaces meant that the sound being projected was leading to high reverb times, and as such students were finding it difficult to follow the lecture and getting different results depending on where they were sitting in the hall.

The university called upon audio expert David Allara, the National Audio Visual Manager at CARDNO ITC Consultants, to help find a solution. Allara brought in local Tannoy Professional distributor Audio Products Group to provide preliminary modelling of the theatre using Tannoy’s Beam Engine software. When the University was shown what could be achieved with a single pair of loudspeakers, a demonstration was arranged.

‘As well as intelligibility, the university was also keen for any new solution to be unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing at the same time,’ Allara says. ‘QFlex was selected due to its ability to provide even audio coverage from a single pair of speakers without the use of delays, but because of their design they also provided minimal architectural impact on the theatre.’

QFlex uses advanced beam-steering to give precise control over the throw of the loudspeaker. Sound can be focused on the seats and away from the ceiling, walls and partitions, reducing reverberation times without the need for acoustic treatment.

The proof of concept demonstration was undertaken in conjunction with local contractors, Sturman Electronics, using a single QFlex 32. During the demo, everyone was immediately impressed with the remarkably even coverage achieved throughout the theatre, especially given the 540 seat capacity and steeply raked seating. After a relatively swift and easy installation, just two QFlex 32s, mounted high and almost out of sight, was enough to alleviate any of the acoustic problems the lecture theatre had suffered from previously.

‘Since the new QFlex system has been installed the complaints about not being able to hear the lecture have stopped,’ Allara reports. ‘This kind of silence is golden for the full time A/V team at the University, because it means the new audio system is doing exactly what it is supposed to do – deliver clear and natural sounding speech and music to all 540 seats and they can spend their valuable time elsewhere without having to worry about the audio system in the flagship lecture theatre.’

Established in 1951 as a Division of the New South Wales University of Technology in Wollongong, the facility was incorporated by the New South Wales Parliament as an independent institution of higher learning in 1975. In the intervening years, it has grown from a provincial feeder college with 300 students to an international university with over 26,000 students spread across three campuses and five access centres.

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Hosted in an outdoor nightclub constructed for the occasion, an exclusive pre-wedding party in Delhi made effective use of TiMax SoundHub 3D surround panning and sound effects, and video mapping

Party in surroundCommissioned by Arjun Bahl of Most Technical India who co-ordinated production for the event, sound design was by Out Board’s Dave Haydon and involved multiple surround zones running parallel 3D surround and dynamic delay-panning effects for the dancefloor, dining room and lounge areas plus, in a global first for the TiMax system, animated surround-sound installed in luxurious men’s and women’s washrooms.

A separate surround system ran a continuous soundscape loop of heartbeats, industrial sound effects and rhythm beds in the venue’s 20m-long entrance tunnel, with additional hidden speakers along the 30m long outdoor pathway leading up to the venue. The soundscape gradually faded over to the DJ mix as the evening progressed, with all areas included in the surround panning effects from the dancefloor.

In addition to sets by premier Indian Bollywood and techno DJs, the night was headlined by Dutch DJ Sidney Samson – flown in especially for the event. Multiple TiMax SoundHub Cues alternately focused the mix tight onto the DJ booth before swelling it into a wide stereo image, plus slow, medium and fast spin, chase and zig-zag pan effects, all triggered by Dave Haydon using soft keys on a Macintosh computer. He worked closely with Immersive’s John Munro and Martin Harvey to synchronise specific audio pans with their live-mixed video content and effects being mapped onto the complex multi-element DJ booth structure.

As well as the surround panning and immersive soundscaping, TiMax also provided all system EQ and zone level control across 30 speakers comprising quad dancefloor, lounge and tunnel zones, stereo diners feed, entry path and quad surround for the washrooms.

The dancefloor PA used flown d&b Q1s for main and surround, two stereo pairs of T10s built into the DJ booth, and six QSubs built into the stage with a B2Sub either side. The lounge, bar and dining room were covered by multiple individual EAW JFL210s, eight VAL trapezoidal speakers and pair of QSubs for the tunnel soundscape. Eight EAW speakers hidden in the ceilings delivered the washroom surround reinforcement. System engineer Samir Kripliani from Room Tone collected DJ sources via a Yamaha M7CL console feeding a TiMax2 SoundHub S32, then to d&b D6/D12 and Lab.gruppen amplifers.

As well as thumbs-up for the sound, light and video crew from numerous guests during the night, one remarked it was the best sounding club in Delhi.

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More: www.mosttechnical.in


A landmark of the Manchester’s Northern Quarter, the Dry Bar has undergone a renovation of its bar and the music venue ‘Dry Live’.

Dry LiveSituated below the bar, the venue was completely refurbished in 2010, giving it an underground feel. This has since been continued with the installation of a Martin Audio sound system by local specialist Masons and system design engineer, Jack Jennings.

Jennings, chose a Martin Audio Blackline H3H+ horn-loaded solution as best fit: ‘The Martin Audio H3H+ full-range, three-way speaker seemed to fit the bill perfectly,’ he said. ‘Its horizontal format, high power handling, high output levels and 70˚x40˚ dispersion characteristics all leant themselves to this install.’

The basement space was split into several small rooms but the floor has been opened into one large venue with the intention of using the downstairs space for both live music and club events served by a single sound system. The venue operators wanted the audience to be able to get as close to the front of the stage as possible, while still having the desired system — ‘one that can offer all the punch and growl that you’d ever need’ — for both band and club events. Unfortunately, faced with ceiling height restrictions, the drop-height would exclude the use of arrays or standard ‘portrait’ profile speakers.

This presented Jennings with a conundrum: Conventional floor-standing stacks on either side of the stage would be impractical if they needed dismantling, storing and reassembling for certain events. ‘The system needed to have no permanent footprint on the floor and be flown as high as possible, out of the way when not in use,’ he says.

With the intended mixed use of the venue, requiring dynamic and even coverage for a number of different scenarios, Jack Jennings knew the low-profile H3H+ midrange would deliver high-quality instrument and vocal reproduction.

He specified four H3H+ lined up across the front of the stage area. The central two are mounted tight against the ceiling and tilted slightly down to achieve nearfield audience coverage, while the outer two are mounted slightly forward and below, on steel joists either side of the stage.

The high-frequencies needed to be matched by powerful sub-bass and give club promoters the sense of aural immersion they desire — despite operating as a stage-focused system rather than a traditional dancefloor surround. This is provided by four Martin Audio WS218X double-18-inch direct-radiating subs, two each on either side of the stage – fitted with castors to allow them to be easily removed when required and wheeled into a storage area.

The system is powered from a 4U-high rack containing a dedicated Martin Audio DX1.5 2-input/6-output digital controller and three Martin Audio MA switch-mode amplifiers.

‘This elegant set-up provides huge amounts of power and reliability and allows the venue to operate the system without fear of any technical issues,’ Jennings reports.

On top of a new sound system and new look, Dry Live has a new lighting system for bands and club events, also supplied by Masons.

Masons is a long-term Martin Audio dealer, which has provided advanced solutions for the city’s trendy bars and music venues over the years. The company has ensured that the legacy of Tony Wilson’s Factory Records (the original owner of the Dry Bar) is preserved, and that the venue originally opened by New Order is ready to enjoy the next chapter in its life.

Since receiving the huge Martin Audio sound system, Dry Live has played host to some of Manchester and beyond’s finest musical talent in the form of bands, DJs and promoters and is working its way up as one of Manchester’s most sought-after clubs of 2012.

More: www.drylive.co.uk
More: www.masonsgames.com
More: www.martin-audio.com


Looking to earn revenue from its educational facilities, one Australian primary school has built a new performing arts centre, equipped with a professional audiovisual system.

Helensvale PrimaryDesigned, supplied and installed by Dominica Sound via DiGiCo’s Australian distributor, Group Technologies, the install at Helensvale Primary, located on Queensland’s Gold Coast includes a DiGiCo mixing desk – opening a new market for the UK-based console manufacturer.

‘The school was previously hiring halls at its local arts centre for its events, but wanted to become self-contained in order to cut some of the operational overheads,’ says Dominica Sound Director, Steve McCallum. ‘At the sam time, it wanted to ensure that the space could accommodate a wide variety of events and be rented out to other schools – generating income while, at the same time, saving the other school’s money.’

Measuring around 40m x 25m, with a stage at one end and elevated seating at the other, the 1,100-capacity venue is equipped with DiGiCo SD11 digital console. ‘We went with DiGiCo because it turned out to be a higher quality and more cost-effective solution than anything else,’ McCallum says. ‘The sound quality of any other digital console wouldn’t have been anywhere near as good as the SD11, so it was a simple choice.’

The mixing desk is easy to configure for non-technical users, such as teachers and student A/V operators from other schools. ‘Helensvale holds a talent show at the end of every school day, McCallum adds. ‘The SD11 is set up with every input on every layer so anybody can walk in, clearly see which fader belongs to which input and begin using the desk. The teachers have commented on how easy it is to use – they just turn it on, select the inputs and then control volume, it’s that simple.

‘Everyone loves the new system. One of the teachers has told me that they feel like they’ve won the lottery.’

More: www.grouptechnologies.com.au
More: www.digico.org


The Council of Europe has equipped its primary Strasbourg council chamber with a double cluster of Nexo Geo loudspeakers, in order to relay its debating sessions.

Council of EuropeNot to be confused with the EU, the Conseil d’Europe is primarily concerned with ensuring legal and cultural cooperation between the 47 countries of Europe, with responsibility for human rights and democratic development. Under the famous blue flag with its 12 stars, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe uses the large debating chamber in the centre of the Palace of Europe, called the Hemicycle, noted for its unusual architecture.

This auditorium has been fitted with a substantial Nexo Geo-S8 speech reinforcement system by installation company Lagoona – meeting the tender process’ criteria for speech intelligibility and uniform sound coverage throughout the chamber. Lagoona’s system design was verified by NS-1 software models predicting the Geo-S8’s performance.

Luxembourg-based Lagoona has been working with the institutions of Europe for many years, and has previously equipped EC facilities with Nexo PS8s. Having won the tender for the main council chamber, the Lagoona team undertook the installation – which included PS10 and PS8 cabinets – in a very short time-frame. With its low visual profile, the central cluster of Geo-S8 has been praised by council staff, who say that Lagoona and Nexo have given ‘a new voice to Europe’.

More: www.nexo.fr
More: www.lagoona.fr

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