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Milwaukee’s Greendale High School recently capped off renovations to its Reiman Family Arts Wing with the installation of an L-Acoustics Kiva line source system.

Greendale auditoriumDesigned and installed by Clearwing Productions, the new loudspeaker and amplifier package is now delivering high-fidelity sound reinforcement for the school’s 876-seat Henry Ross Auditorium. Working closely with GHS Theatre Director Eric Christiansen, Band Director Tom Reifenberg and District Park and Recreation Deputy Director Jackie Schweitzer, Clearwing’s Kerry Miller and Bryan Baumgardner carefully evaluated Greendale’s needs and coverage requirements for the space.

Aside from being used by all schools in the district for concerts, plays and other performances, the auditorium serves as home to Greendale Community Theatre (GCT), which most recently used the venue for its production of Avenue Q.

The district’s commitment to high quality productions for the local community required a creative approach in the design of a stereo system to replace the mono cluster previously located in the space. To ensure that every seat in the auditorium would receive the same stellar sound, Miller and Baumgardner, along with Clearwing’s Jeff Schauer, first modelled the Kiva system in SoundVision.

The new system features LR arrays each comprising six Kiva enclosures flown beneath two Kilo low-frequency systems. Positioned on the floor beneath each array is a single L-Acoustics SB18i subwoofer, while a total of six coaxial 8XTi enclosures provide front fill and delay for the house. All systems are powered by a combination of L-Acoustics LA8 and LA4 amplified controllers.

‘Dozens of audience members attending our January production of Avenue Q commented on the unbelievable sound quality of the new speakers,’ says Tom Reifenberg, who serves as both as GCT music director and Greendale High School director of bands. ‘Hearing the side-by-side difference between our old and the new system was absolutely incredible. We are very glad with our decision to install the L-Acoustics Kiva system here at Greendale High School.’

More: www.greendaletheatre.org
More: www.clearwing.com
More: www.l-acoustics.com


Needing to replace its aging Soundcraft Series 5, the 24-year-old McCallum Theater has its eye on a Soundcraft Vi6 digital mixing console for its front-of-house.

McCallum TheaterKnown for providing entertainment and education through a variety of performing arts events that reflect the diversity of people, interests, and tastes of the Coachella Valley in California, the new desk maintains the all-Harman approach to its audio system.

With the Vi6 in mind, Audio Director James D Anderson consulted Bob Patrick, Principal of Hacienda Heights, California-based IPR Services, to install the console and ensure compatibility with the rest of the system – which includes JBL VerTec VT4888 midsize line arrays and Crown I-Tech amplifiers. The upgrade also saw the addition of BSS Soundweb London signal processing for digital routing and flexibility. Dennis M Kornegay, CTO of IPR Services, developed the London programming and user interface software.

Patrick was the project manager when the original system was installed, and knows the details of the hardware: ‘He was the logical choice to go to, both for purchasing and integrating the console,’ Anderson says. ‘I had done my research and knew I wanted the Vi6. I had never used a digital board before, but the ease of use and operation with Soundcraft’s Vistonics II was so good that I jumped right into it. I knew that my guest engineers would be satisfied.

‘It was a seamless transition going from the old analogue wiring to the new digital system,’ he adds. ‘I am still learning the aspects of digital mixing, but the board is everything I imagined and more. I chose the 96-input option.’

To learn the new board, Anderson attended Soundcraft’s Mixing with Professionals session, conducted by Gert Sanner in Northridge, California. ‘It was perfect,’ he reports. ‘The class was four hours long and I came away with information that made everything easier. My favorite feature on the console is the Vistonics, which allows me to see all channel settings at the same time. I also like the GPIO [General Purpose Input/Output] for starting playback devices with the function keys or from a cue. The GPIO contacts appear on my patch bay, along with user interface connections to all playback devices, for easy configuration.

‘I am extremely happy with the console and the support I’ve received from Harman and Soundcraft,’ he says. ‘It is perfect for what we need and I am excited to keep learning more ways to use the board and discovering more functions and effects.’

More: www.mccallumtheatre.com


Now settled into its new purpose-built theatre, the Improv Comedy Club is building its reputation as one of premier comedy showcases in the US.

Improv Comedy ClubLocated in Houston, Texas, the club is centred on fan-shaped auditorium with raked seating that offers a clear view of both the stage and the 16-ft-wide projection surface (by Stewart Filmscreen), while a Meyer Sound system delivers all the punch lines to the theatre’s 510 seats.

‘It’s a great sounding room,’ says Houston Improv General Manager, Raymond Cook. ‘The sound is so much more crisp and clear than what we had at the old location. Performers love it, and we’ve had more than one say, ‘I want to come back and film my special here.’

Designed by Bill Schuermann of HFP Acoustical Consultants and installed by the Whitlock Group (both Houston-based), the main system comprises two UPQ-1P loudspeakers, three UPJ-1P VariO loudspeakers for delay, two UPM-1P loudspeakers for front fill, and a single 500-HP subwoofer. One UM-100P stage monitor provides artist foldback, and a Yamaha M7CL digital mixing console handles the FOH mix.

houston_improv2‘The under-stage sub is awesome,’ Cook adds. ‘In the pre-show video segments, when it wipes from one segment to the next, the sound effect shakes the whole room. It really gets your attention.’

‘For comedy, intelligibility is paramount,’ Schuermann says. ‘Meyer Sound’s phase-coherent self-powered loudspeakers deliver uniform intelligibility regardless of level. And by using the Mapp Online Pro acoustical prediction program I could guarantee seamless, uniform coverage.’

A separate system for the outer bar area sports eight MM-4XP self-powered miniature loudspeakers and a UMS-1P subwoofer, all suspended from the ceiling grid. ‘The sound quality in the bar is great,’ Cook says. ‘I can’t believe there is so much sound coming out of those tiny little speakers – it’s amazing.’

Designed by Rhonda Woodall and Todd Arenz of Hermes Architects, Houston Improv is one of 24 Improv-branded comedy showcases stretching across the US. All trace their roots back to The Improvisation, a club started by Broadway producer Budd Friedman in New York City in 1963. A dozen years later, Friedman planted a second iconic Improv club in Hollywood, and celebrated performers who launched their careers at the two showrooms represent a Who’s Who of American comedy talent.

More: www.meyersound.com


Powersoft M30D DSP+ETH amplifiers have been adopted by the Eugene First Church of the Nazarene to power a new sound reinforcement system.

Eugene First Church of the NazareneDesigned and installed by AGI Professional (also of Eugene, Oregon) the system serves the church’s present 400-seat sanctuary with an eye on a planned new 900-seat building. ‘It was important to the church leaders that the current contemporary services offer high-quality audio,’ explains AGI Professional President, Kyle Anderson. ‘The ability to transition one system to the next was imperative.’

While fund-raising to build the new church, the leadership at Eugene First Church of the Nazarene was committed to providing the best worship experience at its current location. As a result, the new system was designed for the existing location with the capability of being built out to accommodate the new sanctuary when it is ready.

Each side of the new LR system consists of one Fulcrum Acoustic CX1295 12-inch coaxial loudspeaker and one Fulcrum Acoustic US212 dual 12-inch subwoofer powered by a single Powersoft M30D DSP+ETH amplifier.

‘The single-rack-unit amplifiers offer an amazing amount of power,’ Anderson says. ‘The clients were blown away. We were able to replace four amplifiers with two one-rack units and free ten rack spaces – it is incredibly efficient on power and space, with ample headroom.’

The two-channel M30D DSP+ETH amplifiers provide two inputs and outputs with each channel offering five bi-quad filters for system equalisation, two crossovers, eight bi-quad filters, and RMS and peak limiters. The DSP+ETH units are equipped with Powersoft’s Armonía Pro Audio Suite software which provides control and monitoring as well as preset management, uploading over the network, various crossover filter types (including IIR and FIR), and separate input and output EQs with a wide variety of filters.

‘Tuning the system was a breeze,’ adds Anderson. ‘The EQ on these units was very nice to work with, very responsive – reminiscent of other high-end EQs on the market,’ Anderson adds. ‘And because the amps are rack-mounted in a closet behind the stage, the ability to monitor and control them from front-of-house was another substantial improvement over the old system.’

‘After seeing what the amplifiers have done for the new system the leadership at Eugene First Church of the Nazarene is very enthused to bring more into the new facility when it is built – which speaks volumes for how impressed they are with their performance.’

More: www.powersoft-audio.com
More: www.fulcrum-acoustic.com


dBTechnologies speakers were chosen by rental company Angel Dominguez Sonido (AD Sonido) for the Davis Cup tennis final at the Estadio Olímpico in Seville. Comprising a surprisingly small number of DVA T4, S20 and Opera Digital 410D boxes for the space, the sound system ably served the event’s 25,000 spectators.

Davis CupFour clusters of six DVA T4 were hung from the temporary roof (installed on one side of the stadium to cover the clay court for the championship) at a height of 27m serving the upper seating. Sixteen Opera 410D modules, each installed at a height of 10m, addressed those nearer the action, and a further four Opera 410D speakers ensured that the press stand also had ample coverage. Two DVA S20 subwoofers could be found at the bottom of the towers, covering the main terraces.

‘It was a tough job at the set up for AD Sonido, as there was lots going on to prepare the stadium, and both the Argentinian and Spanish tennis teams were training as well,’ dBTechnologies Area Sales Manager Juan Miguel Martinez explains ‘The installation company has been working with dBTechnologies for over four years now, so they know how good the gear sounds, and more importantly how easy it is to install, so despite the obstacles, dBTechnologies made for an ideal choice.’

AD Sonido has handled everything from conventions and fairs to many live orchestras and fashion events in 20 years of lighting and sound installation: ‘We know what we’re getting with dBTechnologies: great performance and reliability. When I went to the top terraces to listen to the DVA T4 boxes, they sounded clear and very powerful,’ says AD Sonido owner and Director, Angel Dominguez. ‘We have used dBTechnologies products on many jobs in the last four years. The boxes didn’t let us down in la Cartuja and we will definitely continue to specify them in the future.’

The Opera Digital 410D is a 400W active speaker that delivers high sound pressure levels from a compact cabinet. Both the Opera 410D and the DVA T4 guarantee exceptional speech clarity as well, so the 25,000 strong audience in the stadium could experience every shot of the 4 hour 8 minute ‘war’ between the two determined finalists.

Rafael Nadal beat Argentina’s Juan Martin del Potro in the thrilling match, securing the Davis Cup for Spain, which was watched in 40 countries, with 4m viewers in Spain alone.

More: www.dbtechnologies.com


The first integrated tourist venue in the Philippines, Resorts World Manila combines accommodation, eating, gaming, entertainment, a luxury mall and the Newport Performing Arts Theater – a majestic 1,500-seat venue for concerts and other productions.

Resorts World ManilaAlong with the largest LED wall in Southeast Asia, the theatre boasts Clear-Com FreeSpeak wireless system and Encore partyline intercoms for communication between its production staff during its elaborate theatre productions.

The six communication paths offered by FreeSpeak, coupled with the four additional channels from Encore, allow the theatre’s departments to work as separate communication groups. From set changes to lighting and other technical cues, the stage manager can coordinate production staff by contacting specific departments to share information that is only important to them.

‘In most sets, we would require beyond the traditional two channels of wired intercommunications for the entire production crew,’ says Ernesto De Leon, Senior Technical Manager of Resorts World Manila. ‘Simultaneous conversations about separate issues would be happening, creating much confusion, especially in the delivery of cues. These systems resolved this issue. Multiple channels of communication allow the production team to focus on what is pertinent to carry out their job responsibilities. The flexibility of this wireless technology allows unrestricted movements with excellent indoor coverage in the whole venue.’

The set-up at the theatre features a FreeSpeak base station with ten wireless beltpacks and one Encore base station with 18 RS-Series wired beltpacks and 16 KB-series speaker stations. During productions, the stage manager, technical director and other mobile stage crew members use the wireless system. Because of the FreeSpeak’s DECT and wireless auto-roaming technologies, the crew members can move freely and communicate without fading or losing connection. Further, the lighting operator, sound operators and technicians underneath the stage, along with the orchestra and backstage crew, are all on the Encore partyline system.

‘Clear communications is key when working with a large crew like the one at Newport Performing Arts Theater,’ adds Clear-Com Regional Sales Manager for Southeast Asia, Edmund Song. ‘Clear-Com understands this, which is why the company has developed value-add and easy-to-use technologies that actually enable users to concentrate better on their productions. FreeSpeak and Encore easily integrate with one another and offer the extra channel capability that the theatre requires. These systems are also scalable for expansion in the future.’

More: www.clearcom.com


Indonesia’s Zion School serves students from kindergarten to high school, preparing them for an increasingly technological world. To this end, it uses its 750-seat multipurpose auditorium seminars, meetings, graduation ceremonies and performances – with the help of a Symetrix Jupiter 8 to handle all audio processing.

Zion SchoolSymetrix distributor PT Gracia Auvindo supplied the capable but cost-effective Symetrix Jupiter 8 to handle all of the audio processing in the auditorium. Local dealer JK Sound provided the unit and both companies took care of the install.

‘The processing power of the Symetrix Jupiter is substantial, yet it’s easy to set up and very affordable,’ says PT Gracia Auvindo Technical Manager, Hendra Halim. ‘At the Zion School auditorium, just one Jupiter 8 handles everything.’

Coda Audio full-range loudspeakers and subwoofers powered by Camco amplifiers complete the PA set-up.

The school – which occupied a new building in Makassar, South Sulawesi and accommodates more than 700 students – uses one of the Jupiter’s many apps, which creates a sound processing and mixing tool that is specific to the needs of the auditorium.

‘The app gives us feedback fighters, parametric equalisation, and full loudspeaker management processing, among other modules,’ Halim says. ‘Everything – from the output of the mixer to the monitors to the mains – is handled by the Jupiter 8. The speaker manager provides the crossover between the full-range boxes and the subwoofer. Moreover, the Jupiter 8 sounds fantastic, and the school doesn’t have to worry about feedback or unintelligible audio.’

In addition to the Jupiter 8, a Symetrix Zone Mix 760 handles school-wide paging and background music. Six zones cover the school premises, with three strategically-located paging stations providing input. At each station, a wall-mounted Symetrix ARC-XLR push-button XLR input with an attached microphone allows for easy paging. The ARC-XLR’s four selector buttons combine with an ARC-SW4’s four selector buttons to direct pages to any or all of the building’s zones. Setting up the Zone Mix 760 to automatically duck background music for pages proved straightforward. QSC ceiling speakers and amplifiers complete the system.

‘Symetrix’ Jupiter, Integrator, and Solus families of processors provide a comprehensive and well thought out collection of solutions to every audio installation challenge,’ says Halim. ‘The installation at Zion School went smoothly for us. It took just over a day to get everything in place and tuned to perfection. After a brief training, the staff at the school are totally comfortable operating it.’

More: www.symetrix.co
More: www.codaaudio.com
More: www.camcoaudio.com


Saint Matthew’s Episcopal Church serves one of the oldest and largest parishes in the affluent Pacific Palisades suburb of Los Angeles.

The sanctuary’s stunning architecture, with soaring ceilings and exquisite glass work, has long suffered from problematic acoustics and an inadequate sound system, however.

‘A lot of the complaints about the previous systems had to do with speech intelligibility and coverage,’ Daniel Bae, Project Manager for Sierra Madre-based Platt Design Group, explains. ‘The room isn’t very deep, but it is very wide, so time alignment was a major problem.’

‘When the sanctuary was first built, we had two speakers on the ceiling,’ says Jeremias Mendez, the church’s Plant Manager for more than 30 years. ‘One side of the room was completely dead - people were only able to hear the sermon from a few seats.’

‘It’s my understanding that the sanctuary’s architecture was designed to make the most of the choir and organ, and not the sermons,’ adds parishioner Jim Dutka, the project leader behind the drive to upgrade the church’s audio system.

Dutka and company contacted Platt Design Group, who recommended a pair of Renkus-Heinz Iconyx IC-Live steerable arrays, placed on either side of the proscenium.

Unsurprisingly, respecting the Moore Ruble Yudell design of the sanctuary was a major concern: ‘Renkus-Heinz provided custom paint for the IC-Live cabinets, helping them to blend almost invisibly into the sanctuary’s beautiful architecture,’ says Bae.

‘We have a number of older parishioners who have traditionally relied on hearing-assisted technology systems every week,’ says Dutka. ‘Since we’ve installed the new system, many of them have come to us and informed us that they no longer need the assisted listening. I’m proud to say we now have one of the finest audio systems in the area.’

More: www.renkus-heinz.com


Techno Q Updating its look, content and functionality, leading Qatar system integrator Techno Q has its redesigned website live.

New features include the company’s services portfolio, its partners, online registration for seminars, newsletter sign-up and the links to the company’s social media pages.

‘Our goal was to create a pleasant viewing experience by making the site brighter and the information easy to find,’ says Techno Q MD, Zeyad Al Jaidah. ‘The website and the linked Techno Q social media pages will simplify the way we interact with our stakeholders by allowing users to engage with us through various channels.’

‘We’ve taken the maximal approach, creating an image-driven, easily navigable collection of our project case studies that we will continue to update on regular basis. The site allows users to also take a closer look at some of our featured high profile projects by navigating to the projects gallery page,’ says Executive Director, Abdulla Alansari. ‘We are thrilled to present visitors with a redesigned online presence that reflects the quality and the standard of service our clients have come to expect from us.’

More: www.technoq.com


After his father’s death in 1972, American racing driver George Barber put his racing career on hold to take over the family dairy business. But by the late 1980s, his obsession with vintage cars and motorcycles brought about one of the most impressive collections in the world – and in 1995 he opened the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum.

Barber Vintage Motorsports MuseumIn 2003 Barber sold his dairy business and invested more than US$50m in the Barber Motorsports Park. The sprawling 740 acre park – just east of Birmingham, Alabama –is home to the Museum as well as a 16-turn, 2.38-mile racetrack that has hosted both motorcycle and car racing events ranging from Grand-Am and Nascar to AMA Superbike and Mustang Club of America.

‘The state of Alabama has never had a race course as pristine as this,’ says Lee Brock of Birmingham-based Music Alley, the designer and installer behind the track’s high-end audio system. ‘It started out as a motorcycle course, but in no time at all it evolved to become one of the area’s unique racing rings.’

As Brock explains, the track’s fast-growing popularity inspired a series of upgrades including a large-scale sound system covering the entire area. ‘When Indy got involved a couple of years ago, management decided it was time to get away from those old horns they were using and put in a system with full-range, high-quality sound,’ says Brock. ‘They demoed a whole bunch of different loudspeaker products, and when we showed them the Community R-Series, that’s what decided it.’

The system usesmore than 100 Community R-Series loudspeakers – a mix of R.25, R.5 and R.5SUB models. The R-Series’ power and intelligibility was key to its selection: ‘The R-Series is unmatched when it comes to getting the announcers’ voices out there so people can understand it,’ Brock says. ‘It delivers without having to work very hard.’ QSC RMX and ISA-Series amplification powers the system, with a Rane RPM-88 providing digital signal processing.

The track hosts a wide range of events and the sound system had to be versatile enough to deliver both power and musicality: ‘Of course, for a racetrack environment volume is critical,’ he says. ‘But their programme material also employs quite a bit of music, from singing the National Anthem to a lot of high-energy material, and sound quality was an important consideration.’

Another major consideration was durability: ‘We don’t get a lot of snow here, but we do get a lot of extreme heat and humidity in the summer and some heavy winds in the spring,’ Brock says. ‘The R-Series loudspeakers survived the tornadoes we had in April, and were still sitting on the wheel fence. Honestly, the system’s been in place for a year now and we haven’t had to replace a single component.’

The track’s wide acreage presented one of the project’s biggest challenges, says Brock. ‘We had a number of speaker runs that were going to be well over half a mile, and that just wasn’t feasible using copper wire,’ he explains. ‘But we were able to use the park’s existing fibre connections from Race Control over to four corner stations around the park, and convert it to analogue from there. There are a lot of nice hills and turns where the fans can sit on the grass, put out a blanket and have a picnic, and now we can get them good quality sound wherever they are.’

More: www.communitypro.com

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