Kilohearts Phase Distortion

Swedish music software developer Kilohearts has added to its range of VST/AU/AAX effects plug-ins and Reason Rack Extensions with the release of Phase Distortion. Capable of gentle presence enhancement and extreme signal decimation, Phase Distortion is an alternative to conventional saturation and overdrive.

Using a straightforward interface, the plug-in is compatible with Kilohearts’ Snap Heap and Multipass effects rack plug-ins as part of the broader modular Snapins system, as well as being a stand-alone processor.

Phase Distortion modulates the phase of the input signal with its own amplitude, resulting in an effect not unlike feedback frequency modulation (FM). With the Drive knob determining the amount of distortion applied, the Normalize and Tone controls tailor the amplitude and frequency response, Bias and Spread offset the phase difference and widen the stereo image, and Mix balances the wet and dry signals. ‘Whether adding a touch of 80s FM tang to synths, keyboards and percussion, taking basses and drums to the sonic edge, or imbuing lacklustre signals of all kinds with colour and vibe, Phase Distortion is an essential addition to any producer’s effects toolbox,’ the company says.


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